Poem Kick

Seems I'm on a bit of a poem kick and apparently I'm not the only one.
Travis and I were talking baby names, just because it's something we do- we have no big news at this time. And he mentioned that he was thinking of Annabel Lee for the poem by Edgar Allen Poe. We both love Poe! And it does seem a very appropriate name for a southerner. Anyway I just love thinking of it all. ~*

So while on this poem kick I thought I would share another that I wrote in practically another life time after a heart break. The heart break is long long gone but this poem is one of my favorites. I hope you like it too.

Can Pain be Cut Away

If she could pause existence
make all the world be still
could she then but cut him out
until her soul he couldn’t kill.
To make her heart stop beating
grueling wrench him from that place
so let her take the knife in hand
herself make him erase.
But as she holds the dagger
she thinks of the feelings lost
poised at her frozen heart
this choice a heavy cost.
Erase him now till she be free
but feel nothing at all
suddenly this feat is great
she lets the dagger fall.
“I want to live and love again
and pain cursed is it’s equal,
but face it now I have the strength
for I survived this prequel.”
And so she leaves her heart but whole
though the pain its edges burn
to leave it be so soon she’ll see
That love finds her in turn.

By Grace

The final line "to leave it be so soon she'll see that love finds her in turn." is what got me through those lonely nights before Travis came into my life. It was a faith that was hard to hold onto. But now looking back all that hardship seems so small. I hope all the world finds happiness the ways that I have.

Blessings to you all!


  1. Annabelle Lee is one of my favorite poems too... Love!

  2. and your poem is pretty! Good job love!