Alice's Half Cups in the miniature~

Do things that are tinier than normal make your voice rise a few octaves? Come on now, be honest. You can't tell me that a small puppy or a baby or the teeny tiny miniature unicorn hasn't made you squeal with girlish (of manlyish) delight and turn you into a high pitch idiot.

Well here's something to make you squeal and squeak in all manner of ungodly tones~ 

Our Alice's Half Cup now come miniature!

oh oh, and by the way the tags are not only hand singed but hand tea dyed as well. xoxo


"Can't Change Me" Chris Cornell

Lovin' on some Chris Cornell as we jump back into Musical Mondays.

I started listening to Chris (Chris' solo work, I've loved Soundgarden for awhile and like a lot of Audioslave as well) after my husband covered 'Call Me a Dog' and I really loved it. I'm love a lot of Chris' covers and his own work and I of course run into the ones I'm not partial too.
I choose this song for this week for two reasons- I'm headed to visit my family soon and the power of the phrase "you can't change me" has always been an important few words to me and I'm sure a lot of you can relate. The other point of power that I love in the this song is about the chick, "she's going to change the world" it's just a phrase that kicks my ass into gear. Just can't get enough of that on a Monday. And all the lyrics in between. I love Chris' poetry.
Here's the lyrics-

"Can't Change Me"

She can do anything at all
Have anything she pleases
The power to change what she thinks is wrong
But what could she want with me? Yeah,
Wait, just, one minute here
I can see that she's trying to read me
Suddenly I know,

She's going to change the world [x3]
But she can't change me,
No, she can't change me

She has the daylight at her command
She gives the night it's dreams, yeah
She can uncover your darkest fear,
and make you forget you feel it.
But wait, just, one minute more,
I can see that she's trying to free me
Suddenly I know


Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong,
With me, yeah.
What can I do, I'm the only thing I really have, at all.

But wait, just, one minute here,
I can see that she's trying to need me
Suddenly I know

So I know it's Monday but keep your chin up, we are rooting for you to kick ass today!


Capturing a Mermaid's Magick~

When you say New York everyone instantly thinks of the city. And that makes sense with NYC attractions, restaurants, museums, and SHOPPING! But when you venture out of the Big Apple you'll find treasures beyond belief. Wonderful little gems like Sugar Loaf.

Sugar Loaf is a darling little village with some of the most amazing shops. Our very favorite of which is Pisces Passions~

Pisces Passions is full to the brim with awesome art and artistry. Mermaids, sirens, fairies and all manner of magickal beasts can be found here. As well as tools, clothing, jewelry! It's a fantastical dream.

You'll also find our Light Up Fairy Dust bottles there!! But that's not all. When we met miss Ada she asked us if we could maybe make a mermaid bottle. Well of course we can! Not only can we but I can't believe I hadn't before. So I got to work right away coming up with a mermaid themed bottle for this fabulous shop.

And I couldn't be more in love with the results! We made a gorgeous teal green/blue bottle with a brilliant green glow and an earthy tweed to wrap it. 'Mermaid's Magick' is now my favorite bottle and surly one of our most mystical!

Thank you Pisces Passions for the support and the beautiful inspiration~*~