The Dreaded Curse of Moving

When I was younger I loved moving. The whole house got a good clean and you got to start fresh in a new place, rearrange everything, change it all up. I didn't even mind the process- the packing, cleaning, canceling old utilities, starting up the new ones,  loading and unloading and unpacking again. For me it always felt freeing. Moving on to a new adventure. Since moving out of my parents house I have never ever lived in a place for more than a year. The same city a few times but never the same house/apartment or part of town. From college in Utah, to loving Denver, returning to friends in Salt Lake City, an amazing year in San Francisco and here to beautiful Savannah, and many places in between. Great adventure indeed.

I don't know where I lost that itch to move. Well, in truth the itch is still there it's just that the process has become more and more taxing and my attitude less and less enthused. Maybe it's because I have so much more stuff. Or because the move from one side of this country to the other was absolute hell. But either way my husband and I (and Live Steamy, of course) are right in the middle of that whole moving process, again.

So if things seem slow or distant on our facebook, blog and etsy it's because well they are. Because I'm busy out of my mind. (how do you make the little emoticon with the hair ripping out and crazy face? well pretend I know how to make him and he's right...here ----> )

But for all my craziness I am very very excited to get to where we are going. Once settled we are planning to seriously kick Live Steamy into high gear (hehe). And this year I'm really going to work hard to find ways to attend some Cons and start getting out there to meet some of you all!!

Ciao steamy fiends! And wish us luck eh? xoxoxo  


Musical Monday Evening!

I still have a few hours left on this wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day of a Monday. So I'm going to post a MM and really really try to start getting back on track. So here goes:

Gypsies Tramps and Thieves by Cher

I've always loved this song and come on people it's Cher. No matter what you think of her she's still freaking Cher. lol

Anyway there's my bit of funness. And I'm off to make dinner and pack some more. xoxoxo

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The Color of Gun Metal

 I'm so excited about the huge stash of bullets I just got. Picked them up from the nicest man in the world who calls himself Santa Clause (no joke!) and it fits because I lit up just like a wee one on Christmas morning.

I've always had a thing for guns and weaponry is a big part of the Steampunk culture. However, I originally started this post talking about why I like guns but suddenly it's freezing me in my tracks. Though I have always had positive experiences with guns personally, I know many people have not and as a country we have been badly hurt very recently by our own. And everyone is bursting with opinions about guns. My personal thought has always been that it's not about the weapon it's about how you use it. If someone wants to cause hurt they will always find a way. I think we need to look at people, at communities and even at our culture to repair this kind of damage and work on evolving towards a more responsible kind of world where violence is not our first choice.

But in Steampunk we march on with our painted nerf guns, transformed stage props, pieced together vintage parts and mock weaponry bursting our seams. And we can't lie that we love our (totally pretend, non-lethal, just for the awesome show of it) weapons.

Live Steamy has always been about finding uses for junk and I couldn't be more thrilled about finding all the great and plentiful things to do with these casings! At the moment I'm making belts like this:
For our next photo shoot which is going to be Dieselpunk themed!! Yay! 
Now bullet belts are not an original idea and you can get them at Hot Topic or at Abercrombie -for goodness sake (and yea I have no idea how to spell that, it's been a very long time since I shopped at those stores). But anyway ours are awesome simply because it's upcycled junk instead of newly made in a factory in China. So not original design but still cool beans. :) 

What I'm making that are original are our chokers. Combining bullets with clockwork and lace to make a piece that is very feminine but totally kick ass at the same time! The first one I ever made I made just for myself. I had one shell that a friend had given me. Until a few days ago I didn't have a supply for shells so I just made the one for me and totally loved it. But now I can make them for everyone! And I'm so thrilled about it. I'll have them up on etsy today!

We have plenty more uses of bullets in store. Our seamstress and designer, Tamara, is working with some now making bullet buttons and who knows what else she may be conjuring in her brilliantness. And I'll be working on adding bullets and bullet holders to our utility belts and other accessories and fitting them into other designs. 

If you need bullet casings for your own projects and don't know where to get them let us know and we will put some up as supply on etsy it use for your own crafting! 

As always Steamy fiends- we love you because you're awesome! Thanks for reading. xoxo


Oh yay, people still love me! Thanks for viewing me blog everyone. :D

I'm Back!

A friend asked on her facebook "What is your one word for the new year?" I responded immediately "Success". Which is all well and good and true. My goal is to succeed in my business, my marriage, my new home and in everything I set my mind to. But now that I'm thinking about it more and more; I really think my word for the year should be Balance.

As my life stands right now I've just returned from an awesome holiday in NY with my in-laws and came home to a copious amount of.... well... me. I'm not saying I'm fat or anything, though I did eat a fair share of all those Holiday sweets. But I'm just a bit overwhelmed by myself. I have way too many things that I love to do, want to do and need to do. Once again my white board is covered, edge to edge, with 'To Do' lists. And a huge part of that is the move, of course. But another part of that is just me being me. I want to have a great art business, I want to be a true yogi, I want to get back to dancing, I want to read everything, I want to have a clean house, I want to host tea parties and dinners and house parties, I want to do this and I want to do that. We can slip into some real backwoods southern speak and say I'm busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. *giggle, I just had to. And within the next year or so we would really like to be getting to all that baby making and what not. So yes, my word for the year is Balance. I seek to find ways to balance my business, my home, my body and health, a growing mind, a growing family and a happy, connected, spiritual self. :D

What is your word for the year?

In other news-
I love my work both as an artist and designer and today I'm loving it as a business woman as well. I got asked to do another interview! And I'm so incredibly excited.

Also we do have some new stuff up on etsy! And we have more to come in the next little while so check all that out. www.etsy.com/shop/livesteamy
Marie Antoinette Mini Top HatSimple Steampunk Charm Necklace

Other than that we want to say that we are sorry for abandoning our blog. :( And I hope you start visiting it again because I promise I will start posting again. :) And thank you all so so so much for the great support you have given Live Steamy over the past year. I'm hoping this next year will get us on the road, into conventions and meeting you all!!! Plus lots of new trinkets, outfits, decor, photos and more! Keep at it Steamy fiends!