The Dreaded Curse of Moving

When I was younger I loved moving. The whole house got a good clean and you got to start fresh in a new place, rearrange everything, change it all up. I didn't even mind the process- the packing, cleaning, canceling old utilities, starting up the new ones,  loading and unloading and unpacking again. For me it always felt freeing. Moving on to a new adventure. Since moving out of my parents house I have never ever lived in a place for more than a year. The same city a few times but never the same house/apartment or part of town. From college in Utah, to loving Denver, returning to friends in Salt Lake City, an amazing year in San Francisco and here to beautiful Savannah, and many places in between. Great adventure indeed.

I don't know where I lost that itch to move. Well, in truth the itch is still there it's just that the process has become more and more taxing and my attitude less and less enthused. Maybe it's because I have so much more stuff. Or because the move from one side of this country to the other was absolute hell. But either way my husband and I (and Live Steamy, of course) are right in the middle of that whole moving process, again.

So if things seem slow or distant on our facebook, blog and etsy it's because well they are. Because I'm busy out of my mind. (how do you make the little emoticon with the hair ripping out and crazy face? well pretend I know how to make him and he's right...here ----> )

But for all my craziness I am very very excited to get to where we are going. Once settled we are planning to seriously kick Live Steamy into high gear (hehe). And this year I'm really going to work hard to find ways to attend some Cons and start getting out there to meet some of you all!!

Ciao steamy fiends! And wish us luck eh? xoxoxo  


  1. Good luck baby girl! And I totally feel you too, I am less and less enthused about moving, even though that old gypsy spirit still whispers "go" and yearns for a change. IT's just too much work!

  2. I would love to be able to move. I would so jump at the chance to change locations and just to up and get away but my life is root (in Fl, no less) for now. Yay for moving and I love you pix!


  3. Wait, I didn't realize you are in Savannah. I wish I would have known that when we were down for the holidays. We could have totally met up!

    Have a fabulous weekend!