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TimeWatch is a popular European company that specializes in Steampunk Jewelry. Using antique, vintage and contemporary clock parts, keys and trinkets to make unique pieces. Having art in your home is one thing but being able to wear it, to make it a part of you is something else entirely.  If you're sick of the same ol' same ol' you really should try branching out and putting on something completely different! TimeWatch is a perfect place to start! 


Featured~ Flora Beauty Real Flower Jewelry

Real flower ring, Dried Pressed Flower, Real flower Jewelry, Vintage flower ring, Flowers in Eco Resin, teamhandmadeMiss Mirjam's deep love of nature was passed to her from her mother. That beauty, care and respect has been brought delicately into her amazing work.  Her pieces are made from plants that she carefully picks, presses and dries herself. I love her style. Some of her pieces are funky and bright, others deep and darker, romantic, cottage chic and just absolutely beautiful. Mirjam really captures the beauty of nature. And she is so incredibly affordable! Great for gifts! You honestly can't go wrong with Flora Beauty©!!


PS. She is also running a Holiday special so hurry over to check it out!!! 


Small Business Spotlight- Corset Patterns and more!

Atelier Sylphe Corsetry by miss Joelle has absolutely phenomenal work! On etsy she sells corset patterns that are to die for. If you are a purist/traditionalist I would never go anywhere else to find true corset patterns. She uses actual antique styles and adds romantic and unique flare!
She also sells her studio sample corsets, neck corset patterns, boning hoops skirts, shoulder and bustles in boning, supplies and other creative accessories. She is beautiful and brilliant and most highly recommended indeed!
Ref Y pattern drafted from antique early XXe century S curve Edwardian corset, 18 inches small waist size

Live Steamy also follows her on facebook and thinks you should too!

Banner Credit:
 Photographe : Yann Malotti (www.yann-malotti.com/)
Modèle : Bélinda Bourgeois ( www.belindabourgeois05.book.fr/)


Machinator Chaos is a wonderful wonderful shop!

Hey Steamy fiends I have to apologize for being so absent on my blog. I've been really focused on photo shoots and the etsy store (which has new stuff and gorgeous new product photos so be sure to check it out www.etsy.com/shop/livesteamy ) and I guess the cold really has slowed me down. (I almost typed "slown me down" there, just for a case and point) I know I promised a new small business spotlight everyday until Christmas and I got some really good ones in there! But, alas, I am an optimist not always a realist. You'll just have to forgive me and love me anyway. :D

So picking it up again, here is our small business spotlight!!! (que old fashioned announcing music) PS. Live Steamy cannot be held responsible for whatever sound you just made to yourself!

What first drew me to Machinator Chaos was how unique her items were. This whole vintage, upcycled, pieces and parts style is sweeping the nation and now you can find manufactured vintage/upcycled/pieces&parts wannabes in the craft store. More's the pity. In a way it's great because it gives a lot of creative people things to work with and when you really need a gear or gauge or setting or whatever it's good to know where you can find it without the crazy digging through antique/junk/thrift stores for hours and hours. But that crazy digging, discovering, piecing together that is where the true magic of this genre is at! And I believe that Machinator Chaos has the crazy awesome magic touch in spades.
Neo Victorian Watch Case Necklace IINeo Victorian Watch Case NecklaceIndustrial D Ring and Washer Necklace
Please help Live Steamy in supporting this amazing artist. View her items, let her know what you like, share her shop with your friends and groups and shop small this holiday season and all throughout the year.


Small Business Christmas Special Spotlight

When you buy from small businesses you are supporting a lasting and stable economy right here at home. You can be sure that you're money is well spent and going to increasing someone's health and happiness and not just pouring into ever deepening pockets of corporations. This holiday season buy your gifts from local businesses, artists,

The MUSE Tooled Leather Wide Mahogany Violin F-holes Belt Miss Tiffany has to be one of my favorite crafters. I am obsessed with this piece <----. How gorgeous is that?!? I melt every time I look at it.

Contrived to Charm has incredibly unique pieces and absolutely stunning craftsmanship. I recommend them to any and every one!!


Romantic Chic and Hand Made


Rosebud Lips is a charming, chic little creation by Ms. Lauren Gibson. I fell completely in love with Lauren's work the very first moment I saw it. I've always had a romantic style but there is more than just whimsey in Rosebud Lips. Great balance and each piece being hand made and unique it's all just precious. She offers such a variety from baby girls, little princesses, young ladies, brides and all women. This Christmas is the perfect time to give the ladies in your life something special and charming that make them feel delicate and adored!



Romance Sash- Wedding Rosette Belt Sash for bridesmaids and bride- The Eliana Rose


Small Business Spotlight

Jon Spratlin's forgotten robots are the cutest things ever! Each one is hand made and has it's own little personality and quirks. A mash up of various materials and found objects each robot is only a few inches high and totally adorable.

FREE Add a heart to any robot.
Steampunk Robot 5YE
Steampunk Robot Number 3

You can find these little guys at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/forgottenrobots

But wait! There's more!
Jon has another etsy shop called Critters and Creatures by FishandCrackers that has adorable collectables for kids (and kids at heart). Check that out at:


Brilliant Steampunk Jewelry

Today's awesome Small Business Spotlight is:

steampunkjunq is totally after my own heart. Miss Brenda works with tons of clock parts and found objects! Which, as y'all know, is my favorite part of steampunk. Her work has been featured in magazines and is awesome unique. I love looking through her pieces
Her etsy is fantastic and her prices are incredible:
But she also does a steampunk blog (of course we love her for that too!) that you should check out as well:

Steampunk Earrings - Bejeweled  - Steampunk - Repurposed art
Steampunk Necklace- Repurposed art - Item featured in Jewelry Affaire Magazine Oct. 2012
Steampunk Necklace - Time Traveler VII- Steampunk Pendant - Repurposed art


Totally Derailed

I was going to say that I wandered off the tracks a bit but after the week I just had I'm going straight for totally completely derailed and thrown half way across the station.

But I'm working on getting back. I'm still going to be posting about other small businesses that you should check out for Christmas, and beyond. But today I'm just working on getting me own stuff back to chugging along on the tracks.



Alright I know I said I would do a small business spotlight every day (minus weekends of course) and I really was working on one for today but I'm beat. It's been a long, tough week and this is just not happening today. But if you or someone you know has a small business please feel free to post about it in our comments!! Anyway, I have some more work to get done in the art room and then I am crashing out for the night.

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Lovely Goddess NEN

Small Business Spotlight!

I met NEN back when my honey and I owned our little consignment shop in Savannah. We fell in love with her art from the absolute get go. I hardly even know what to say about it, it speaks so strongly for itself. But I'll try...

She uses watercolor, pen and other mediums to create her rich, inticing, passionate images. Her raw talent is amazing but it's her poetic depth that draws me into every piece.

NEN's work carries many themes from the anime accents to the dark gothic tones, tribal attitudes and fantasy moods. Each piece is unique in every expression and contains layers of artistic meaning. 


On slow days in the shop I used to pull out her prints that we had up for sale and just stare at all the detail and fawn over the emotion. When I think of concept artist I always think of NEN.

On a personal note NEN was recently married (we were so fortunate to attend her lovely ceremony and awesome reception!) and her perfect baby girl, Noa- more affectionately known as Creature, just turned one!

Find her art for sale at:

And like her facebook page here:

The Answer Is War -- ORIGINAL 11x14 INKJET PRINT


Where to shop for Bustles, Bodices, Dresses and more

Today's real-person-who-makes-real-things to buy from this holiday season is:

LoriAnn Costume Designs

Ms. LoriAnn makes absolutely stunning bodices, bustles and full renaissance, steampunk and fantasy outfits. I also really adore her hoods! She has been sewing nearly her entire life and was one of the first people making fantasy costumes and outfits. She later got into movie replicas! I don't know of a single girl on this planet that hasn't seen a costume in a movie and just obsessed over the idea of it being real, of it being theirs! One of LoriAnn's most popular dresses is her replica of Katrina's striped dress in "Sleepy Hallow"© Paramount Pictures. She also does a killer Elizabeth Swan!

Her website is gorgeous so be sure to drop by and look at all the beautiful pictures:

But most important, of course, is her shop where you can buy and/or place orders! Her prices are really amazing comparatively and her quality is phenomenal! Find this at:

Photo Shoot Set - Bolero Shrug Steampunk Elegance - Black and Pale Gold Stripe Corset,  Top, Skirt, Add-A-Bustle, and Spats - 24-27" Waist
Also another little awesome secret is that ms. LoriAnn holds monthly (yes that's right I said monthly!)
drawings and giveaways on her website and her facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/LoriAnn-Costume-Designs/143014375748826?ref=hl These are some of the best giveaways I have ever seen! I want to win one so bad!!


For a Perfect Little Princess

Our daily small business spot light continues with:

Ms. Dyan is a stay at home mother and army wife. The inspiration for her company came with the birth of her baby girl, Gabriella Grace, to which the company name was born from. I can't say I don't fully adore that name even if the saying so makes me sound the narcosis. :) Each hand made tutu is absolutely melting-heart worthy. Yea, you know those high pitched baby noises that just happen to come out of us when we see something this cute? Don't lie we all know it happens to you too! Well those are pretty much the sounds pouring out of me every time I look at Tutu Graceful's shop.
Case in point~

Mint & Aqua tutu dress

Aawwww, she is just so pretty!

Tutu Graceful has so many colors and designs to choose from and Dyan also does special orders.  And she also hosts FREE giveaways every month and has a 25% off coupon (code: CHRISTMAS) on any purchase in her etsy shop! It doesn't get better than that!

Here is the link to her page.


Doing our part for happy holidays!

Okay, so I have to state this for my own sanity before I start what I'm about to do from here until Christmas; I am NOT a fan of this starting Christmas so incredibly early each year. Most big stores started it before Halloween this year! And I think that is messed up, sneaky, scuzzy and totally taking advantage. But a very hard lesson that I have had to learn in business is that regardless of your own preference or ideas about how things should work it is not always in your best interest to stubbornly stick to them. You have to know when to stick to plowing your own way and when it's ok to jump on the band wagon.  I hate that Christmas starts so early but I've seen how forcefully the corporations push. Our voices already get swallowed up. And sometimes if you don't follow suit you end up buried.

We are bred to be consumers. And consume we do. But it's not about making good products that people really want and will cherish/use forever. It's not about supporting communities, bringing people together or helping people live a better, fuller, richer life. It is all about money and who keeps the most. Honestly we all want to point fingers and say that it's their fault but we as a whole have more power than we think. We may not have a huge effect on corporate law, we may not be running numbers in Wall Street, that doesn't mean that we do not have a choice where we spend our money.

So from now until Christmas Live Steamy is dedicating this blog to spreading the word about small businesses! Each day a different business will be chosen and high lighted.  These are real people, who make their products by hand and with care. These are people just trying to live. To create a world that is based on community, humanity, health, wealth and happiness for everyone, not just a few. And I ask you to consider them with open hearts. Please help to make everyone's holidays fuller and happier and support creativity and individuality.

Please feel free to share our banner, our buttons, our blog and all the info we post!

For our first Shop Small Spotlight is Miss Angie who owns My So Called Chaos.


Angie is has great talent in several mediums and genres. She writes, she draws, she crochets, she paints, she makes jewelry, she blogs, she crafts, she scrapbooks and she paints pottery. I never know what she will make next and she always surprises me! I love her company, beside her etsy shop she has two awesome blogs that I read daily; http://www.mysocalledchaos.com    & http://www.healthnottonut.blogspot.com
But most important for the moment is her online shop on etsy 

Here is the benie she hand made me two Christmases ago! I love it!
Miss Angie's quality is top notch, I pull this baby out every winter. 

Also Angie is the person that made this blog and many of Live Steamy's banners! She does awesome work and if your looking for it she can really help you too! Her contact info is available on her links that are posted above. 

So my loves and steamy fiends I ask you to please please please check out the people that we are sharing with you, shop from them and other local/small businesses this holiday and ask all your friends and family and social connections to do the same. Spread the word and spread the love!!!


Make me Pretty!

 I'd like to talk today about our make up artist miss Jessica who owns the company Ms. Quito Artistry.

She recently did the make up for our Dark Alice shoot, which you may remember, and I can't wait to see her gorgeous work on our next photo shoot. She also had ideas for her own artistic photo shoots beyond her usual work that I would seriously love to her vision on!

She uses airbrush technique that creates the most flawless look I've ever seen. And she has such an artistic eye. I gave her a basic sample picture of my idea and she made it so much better!
Now this is some of here more dramatic work that she did for us but mostly she uses her incredible talents on brides.
Having been a bride recently myself I know how important your wedding day make up is! Jessica does a really amazing job!

Her facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/MsQuitoArtistry please take a minute to check it out (she has lots more pics!) and send her a 'like'!! And if you are in Savannah and need make up for anything I recommend her completely!


My day

I was going to tell you the whole long story about my incredibly frustrating day. But 20 min. into writing it I figured that it was an awful lot of work just to bitch about something. Sigh. So I think I'll just leave it at, I had a really frustrating day and I really am not fond of Savannah at the moment.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is more successful*


Arrggghhh, Musical Monday

mmmm Can't get enough Abney Park! This is Airship Pirate and it gets me dancing around my art room like a fool. :D

I have a ton to do today and a new idea that kept me up all night. As always; busy, busy. Hope everyone has a great Monday, I know it's back to work but kick some ass!

Linksy party from My So Called Chaos!


Christmas Giveaway

To Kick off the Christmas season we are hosting another awesome Giveaway!!!

Win one of these hand made Steampunk Bell Ornaments!

There are lots of ways to enter and a few you can do once a day, so just keep raking up your entries. Winner will be announced December 12th. Just can't beat hand made, steampunk and FREE!!

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Playing Dress Up

Just for fun I'm going to do a photo montage of different Halloweens and dress ups. Our Halloween plans got canceled this year so I didn't dress up and I guess I'm a bit bummed about it. But we are going to the Zombie Walk in a week and will be dressed up for that! Anyway some fun pics. xoxox
First Year of college. I sewed beads onto my witch hat but it ended up looking kinda lampshade-ish but I kept it like that forever. I also took an old costume and sewed other random pieces into the skirt to make it thicker and put a corset over it all. It was my witch dress for years.
2004 with my bestest Angie
At the goth club when I was in college. I think I was way too excited about my blood tears make up. 2004

This is again the witch dress that I made and I think these are two different years. I think ----> is 2005
and <----- is 2006.
I'm a Pirate! AARRGGHH! This was for my 22 birthday party. That was such a great party! 
I don't know what year this was. 2007 or '08 not sure but I was dressed as a Shaman, too bad I don't have a pic of the whole costume.

This was my 24th birthday party! Hell yea I'm the princess! And my awesome Autum who always has the best costumes. 2009
Autum and I as Sailor Moons. She is Venus Moon and I'm Mini Moon. We won 3 different costume contests with this one! Her idea! I think this was ...'07
At a Masquerade birthday party for our friend. I love this pic. That was so much fun. 
 Wahoo! Dressed up for Pride in San Fransisco! There were four of us and we all had a circus theme. It was such a blast! You can't see it in the photos but I also had a matching fan and a big red diamond. I wish I had a pic of all four of us. :(

This is one of my favorite costumes ever! I'm Emily from 'The Corpse Bride'. I made the costume from an old wedding dress and it took me forever. But it was perfect. I wanted to do full body paint with the full blue and skeleton arm and leg but as you can imagine that is quite a trick to do on yourself. I did do as much blue as I could and I had the doll make up, my eyes looked gigantic but you can't tell so well in these pics. But yea, this costume was really fun.

Anyway, I hope you had a really great Halloween. I guess it's time I start gearing up for Christmas. I will be working hard to pack the shop and keep inventory rolling in. :) Remember to really try to buy local this year not corporate! Love and Light.