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Hey Steamy fiends I have to apologize for being so absent on my blog. I've been really focused on photo shoots and the etsy store (which has new stuff and gorgeous new product photos so be sure to check it out www.etsy.com/shop/livesteamy ) and I guess the cold really has slowed me down. (I almost typed "slown me down" there, just for a case and point) I know I promised a new small business spotlight everyday until Christmas and I got some really good ones in there! But, alas, I am an optimist not always a realist. You'll just have to forgive me and love me anyway. :D

So picking it up again, here is our small business spotlight!!! (que old fashioned announcing music) PS. Live Steamy cannot be held responsible for whatever sound you just made to yourself!

What first drew me to Machinator Chaos was how unique her items were. This whole vintage, upcycled, pieces and parts style is sweeping the nation and now you can find manufactured vintage/upcycled/pieces&parts wannabes in the craft store. More's the pity. In a way it's great because it gives a lot of creative people things to work with and when you really need a gear or gauge or setting or whatever it's good to know where you can find it without the crazy digging through antique/junk/thrift stores for hours and hours. But that crazy digging, discovering, piecing together that is where the true magic of this genre is at! And I believe that Machinator Chaos has the crazy awesome magic touch in spades.
Neo Victorian Watch Case Necklace IINeo Victorian Watch Case NecklaceIndustrial D Ring and Washer Necklace
Please help Live Steamy in supporting this amazing artist. View her items, let her know what you like, share her shop with your friends and groups and shop small this holiday season and all throughout the year.

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