When Bumps turn to Walls

So my steamy fiends we've run into some pretty big challenges in the last few... well years, but this one has just been a little heartbreaking and I wanted to share.

A few years ago I was watching the show Once Upon A Time and Rumpelstiltskin has bottles of magic. I wanted to create my own and after much trial and error we came up with our Light Up Bottles. I bought some glass bottles from Michaels and we started with designs in 2 shapes. The round that we use for Fairy Dust and the oval that we used for our Steampunk bottles.
Over the last little while our Light Up Bottles have grown and grown until we had nearly 100 different bottles. We gave them their own etsy shop and everything.

Well lo and behold Michaels suddenly no longer carries these bottles. And no one can tell me if they ever will again. I didn't think this was too big of a problem, after all there are tons of craft store right? Someone is bound to have what I need....... yea... maybe not.

We've been searching online, trying to find local glass manufacturers, and have gone to every other craft store in our area and either they are way over priced or they do not have the right shape. For the moment we are taking down all the bottles with the oval shape. This includes our Steampunk, Element, Dr. Who, Nightmares and a few others that I am devastated to loose.

Over the next few weeks (somewhere in our non-existent spare time) we will be remaking and reconfiguring and re-photographing and re-posting many of our bottles. We will be trying to find a supplier for oval bottles or trying to find another bottle that works for these designs.

You all are my rock. Thank you so much for supporting us. Standing by us through thick and thin.

Farewell oval bottle. You were truly loved.