Help Us!

We have such great news- We are growing! Our little company that started with a few steampunk pieces has now overtaken our lives. Our art space has exploded with fabrics, power tools, paint, stickers, onesies, flowers, frames, furniture projects, gun making junk, electronics, tea pieces and a million little beads, jewels, nuts and bolts and unimaginable nick-nacks. It's absolutely fantastic! 

However, we've beyond seriously outgrown our space. It's getting to be just ridiculous. So that's where you come in my lovely steamy fiends! We've started an account on Patreon.com (a lot like Kickstarter!) and we could really really use your support. Seriously $1 a month could mean little to you in the long run but could absolutely mean the world to us. 

With enough help we will get a studio space in Savannah with some room up front for a small store!

So please think about helping us out and if you can't right now that's cool but please send our link onto your contacts and spread the word. :) We'll love you for it! 


How Do You Like Me Now?

What do y'all think of the new blog design?? I may be spilling some secrets here but I am not as computer friendly as I try to appear. And the only code I actually know is Enter. Lucky for me I have a very good friend who is absolutely amazing at making this stuff. She does my blog and all my buttons designs as well as makes me little blurbs for Holidays and more. She is fantastic! And if you're ever looking for these types of services she offers them for really competitive prices. (trust me web design can run you into the hundreds!) She also hosts kick-ass giveaways, reviews products, offers ad space. Seriously, she's cool beans. So check out Miss Angie of My So-Called Chaos at http://mysocalledchaos.com/


Sing to Me of Wings

Sing to me of Wings- Steampunk Butterfly Frame 
~Sing to Me of Wings~ was created from an old junk frame that I just had lying around and a fitted clock dome. Travis found me this beautiful butterfly that had died and been blown into some chicken wire. It was so pretty but so so delicate, I carried it around in a tea pot until I found the right project for it. The sheet music... was from a song I really love but... I can't remember the song right now. I then hand dyed it with tea and put it all together.  It's one of my favorite pieces. I get to create a lot of artsy accessories and clothing items and crafts but this is actual art and I love that. 

View the listing HERE.


Musical Mondays~

Feeling very old time circusy today. I love The Band Parry's music but I love love love their style! She's adorable and I'd give anything to be on her design team. So here's my Musical Monday for y'all. Hope you enjoy it even if country isn't so much your tune.