Dr. Spock & the Vulcan Salute

Live long and prosper. As a child I didn't understand the meaning but I sure loved trying to make my fingers do what he did.

In honor of a great character and a great man and actor, Leonard Nimony, we announce this onesie with a bittersweet heart:

Thank you, Mr. Leonard, for all you gave to us as a culture.


Growing Up Geeky on the Rise

I've been working like crazy the past few weeks on getting some new merchandise for Growing Up Geeky, which our line of geeky costumes and clothing for tiny creatures, and I've come up with lots of great stuff. 

I don't have pictures of all of it yet but here's a few:
Baby Etrigan (which isn't new but we've revamped it a little)

Miss Punisher Onesie

Steamy baby goggles modeled by our awesome Steampunk Duck

Baby Wolverine Costume

And our totally adorable Yoda


A Gift for His Love

One very lucky lady in France will be receiving one of our charming Alice's Half Cups for Valentines Day. It's even more special because it was the very last of our rose pattern in the full size. We do have the rose minis still and their smallness only makes them more adorable~

To our lovers in France: We wish you a glorious St. Valentine's Day. 

You can buy your own Alice's Half Cups and many more amazing hand made gifts on our etsy or storenvy shops, just follow the links below.



Musical Monday~ Massacre Anne


For today's Musical Monday you'll have to go to the site and listen to the track. I absolutely adore Mary Crowell. I was so hoping for a music video but alas no fortune for me this day. But really check her out because she's awesome and please support her if you can. Remember we vote with our money and if you don't support the artists you love they will go away.

Musical Monday's are a linksy party brought to you by My So Called Chaos~