A Little Magic for your Tree

Well... we should have been creating new Christmas merchandise months ago so that it would be ready in time for you to see, fall in love with, order and for us to make and ship you these fantastic ornaments way before Holiday crunch time. But... we just didn't get swept up in the holiday inspiration until now. However, it's still early enough to purchase these ornaments and get them in time to give as phenomenal, unique gifts. And ornaments make great stocking stuffers!! 


And for your darker side. 



Our widest sale of the year has just begun. While most are out crashing and clamoring, pushing their way through crowds and standing for hours in the longest lines ever to get a few bucks off whatever Made in China POS they absolutely have to have today. I'm sure you are doing the sensible thing and staying home. I say sensible to make myself sound like I'm not cowering in a corner with my door locked and windows shut because the shoppers on this day terrify me. But alas I am myself a retailer and this notes true purpose is to let all my sensible, cowering in corners, loves know that big box stores aren't the only places for big sales. Every single item in ALL of our etsy shops is 20% off from now through Cyber Monday. And shopping with us means no standing in lines, no crazy drivers and no fear of possibly getting punched in the face or trampled to death. We also make everything hand made ourselves, can personalize just about anything and are here for you when you need us. So don't miss out on our huge, 4 day Shop Small to Change Big sale!



Leaving A Memory- Andrea Wallard

For two of my lovely ladies who have lost beloved friends recently. My heart and love are with you miss Alica and miss Autum.


It's that time again~*

It's about that time again, though I personally think it's way too early, to start talking about Christmas. Now I'm a strictly no-Christmas-until-the-day-after-Thanksgiving girl. And yes I'm talking about the terrifying stain on our culture known as Black Friday, though I must state for the record that I DO NOT shop on Black Friday, not once, not ever. People die on Black Friday over the chance to get 20 bucks off of some piece of crap merchandise that is 98% likely to have been made in China and is going to fall apart on you sooner rather than later. Doesn't that seem like something we, as a culture, should reevaluate? Anyway day after Thanksgiving we stay home and decorate for Christmas. I don't want to hear or see or think about anything Christmas before then. However, I'm a retailer, try as I may to do things my own way sometimes if you don't jump on the boat you get left treading water in the wake. So as much as it pains me I am going to start all of our Christmas advertising and all of our talking about why you should make serious effort to buy small this Holiday and what kind of deals you can get with us and other small companies that we connect with. :)

So don't hate us for trying to keep our heads in the game when those big guys are all too willing to crush us all and line their very deep pockets. We could all be a bit more aware of where our money goes and what it means.


Drunken Pumpkin Recipe!!

This is an adapted recipe put together from a coven I used to celebrate with mixed with a recipe from a book my friend and I used to study and sprinkled with my own touches.

Drunken Pumpkin

You will need: 
a large pot, 
1 gallon- Apple Cider (for health & peace)
1 Orange (for purity)
1 Apple (for love) 
3 Cinnamon Sticks (for prosperity)
1/8 tsp. Nutmeg (for fidelity)
One or both of:
Spiced Rum
Small Pie Pumpkins (for prosperity)
(pie pumpkins are different than jack-o-lantern pumpkins, make sure you use pie pumpkins!)

Pour cider into pot. Peel orange and save peel, squeeze the orange juice into cider and throw away the pulp. Tear the peel into 1inch pieces and add to cider. Core the apple and cut it into slices and add them as well. Break the cinnamon sticks in two and add them with the nutmeg. 

Warm over low heat from 2 hours at least. Do not bring to boil!

Cut top off pumpkins and scoop out all its insides, just like you would for a jack-o-lantern. Really carve deep to get all the stringies but do not break through the shell. And give it a rinse with water. 

Spoon (or pour I guess if you can manage it) hot cider into pumpkins. The apple bits are so tasty but leave out the orange peels and cinnamon sticks. 

Mix alcohol to taste just before serving. I mix the alcohol into the pumpkins on an individual basis instead of into the pot as everyone is different. I use smell and taste test to gauge how much alcohol, no need to go over board, you can have as much cider as you like :o

This is our very favorite and an absolute staple of our Hallows traditions. 
I hope you enjoy it! 
Happy Happy Happy Halloween!!!! 

Oh and I almost forgot! If you don't drink no worries! This is still the best hot cider recipe ever! :)


Bottled Witchcraft~

A Witch's magick delivered to you in a sweet little supernatural package~ And who couldn't use a little more magick in their lives?
Our Witchcraft bottles are a stunning dark purple with a shining white light that refracts off every sparkle with an intoxicating effect. It truly is a little piece of magic.

Musical Mondays are a linksy party hosted by:


Captured Ghosts

Who needs the Ghostbusters when you've got them bottled yourself? This stunning bottle of captured Ghosts is absolutely perfect Halloween decor. Bring in some of the Otherworld with this eerie, beautiful little treasure.

Also please keep in mind that we are still collecting votes for our grant application! Go here to vote!


Bottle Your Dreams

Our "Dream" Light Up Bottle is true magic. Meant to catch your dreams and remind you to keep chasing, keep striving and always keep dreaming.
The first was made as a very special gift to a very special lady. Miss Becky, who interned for us for a time in Florida.

Miss Becky-
You are an absolute treasure. 
I hope you never loose sight of how special you are and 
what you have to offer the world.
Keep shining brightly and keep dreaming!

So follow the link to see our new "Dream" bottle. It comes in several colors. And if you would please like, pin, share, tweet whatever it is you do, be sure to spread the good word and help us grow. 

Also don't forget that we are applying for a grant to get a studio and shop space. This would help us out so much and we would be able to bring you tons of awesome new stuff and even hire some employees! So please go to: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/45479 and vote for us. Then share share share with everyone you know. We have 109 votes but we have to reach 250 for them to even consider our application. Thanks loves.


Grants (at least applying for grants, what fun)

A few months ago my mom encouraged me to try to apply for a grant. It is so not as easy as everyone makes it sound. But I'm currently applying for this Chase Mission Main Street grant and I really really need your help! Live Steamy has to get over 250 votes or our application won't even qualify. So please take a minute to follow this link and vote for our shop and then share us with your friends. It won't cost you anything but being awarded a grant could change our entire business.



Hold the Heart of the TARDIS

Calling all Time Lords, Adventures, Explorers and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Travelers~ It is my greatest pleasure to present to you the very 'Heart of TARDIS' bottled specially for you!


ARRGGGHHH Here Be the Pirate's Magic Gold

~You're off the edge of the world lass. Here there be monsters~ 

Do you long for the freedom of the open sea? Or fantasize about the mystery and treasure that lurk in the greatest depths? Then we have some magic for you. Our Pirate's Gold and Mermaids Magick are the perfect start to our nautical Light Up Bottles collection. We have plans for more, including Calm of the Storm and Heart of the Sea, but you'll just have to wait patiently while we capture the magick of the those as well. 

Pirate's Gold is the perfect gift for your little treasure hunter! What an awesome thing to find at the end of a treasure hunt or as a fantastic party favor.

Mermaid's Magick couldn't be more perfect either. A gorgeous teal bottle when unlit and a stunning, mysterious green when ignited. This bottle is a true treasure for anyone who seeks the deep and those that would gladly give up their legs for a fin


Ever Beloved Fairy Dust Bottles

The Fairy Dusts are by far our most popular and it isn't hard to see why. They are perfect, charming and packed with magic. Of all the vials of glitter and packets of dust nothing can compare to the wonder of these light up beauties.


The Four Elements

Earth & Air & Fire & Water~ The great elements surround us, fill us and aid us. What better or more beautiful way to honor them then with these gorgeous Elemental light up bottles.

These are perfect for adorning your altar, use in casting the circle, meditation and visualization and are a fantastic replacement when you can't use candles. A little more our century then the ancients but we all find time to honor our time and use what we have. They also just make stunning decoration. Hang them in a window to light on dark nights and watch the sun dance on the sparkles in the day. Or find the perfect shelf for them to grace. With the secure loop you can also wear the bottles for events or gatherings.


The Element Bottles ~Earth

The Earth is our Mother, our home. Earth corresponds with the direction North and helps us find stability, fertility, strength and grounding. Earth element honors our body and the physical realm.

This Light Up Bottle is a perfect representation of the Earth element. (and super perfect if you are not allowed candles in your home or when it's windy outside!) Use it for circle casting or mediation or even just to honor the element.


The Element Bottles ~Fire

Fire ignites our passions. Fire corresponds with the direction South and is the spark of life, it creates and it destroys, fire is used to purify, to intensify, we can be mindful and contain fire or be free and let it run rampant. Fire element honors our soul and the spiritual realm.

This Light Up Bottle is a perfect representation of the Fire element. (and super perfect if you are not allowed candles in your home or when it's windy outside!) Use it for circle casting or mediation or even just to honor the element.


The Element Bottles ~Air

The Air is our breath and our intellect. Air corresponds with the direction East and helps us focus our minds, hone skills, carries massages or carries away our troubles and is the bringer of wisdom. Air element honors our mind and the mental realm.

This Light Up Bottle is a perfect representation of the Air element. (and super perfect if you are not allowed candles in your home or when it's windy outside!) Use it for circle casting or mediation or even just to honor the element. 


The Element Bottles ~Water

Water washes over us and through us. Water corresponds with the direction West and aids us in solving problems because given enough time water can cut through the strongest mountains. Water can help us find peace, calm and healing, but it can also destroy and cleanse. Water element honors our heart and the emotional realm.

This Light Up Bottle is a perfect representation of the Water element. (and super perfect if you are not allowed candles in your home or when it's windy outside!) Use it for circle casting or mediation or even just to honor the element.



Announcing Elsa's Ice

Capture and keep the power and magic of the newest and one of the most loved characters, Queen Elsa. One of my favorite Light Up Bottles that we've ever made. An icy bottle that glows brilliantly.

"Elsa's Ice" is gorgeous, charming and powerful!

Indroducing the New Bottles

Our Light Up Bottles are getting so popular! Do you have one yet? Yes? No? Well you should. Soon enough your going to be out of the loop if you don't have one of your very own. And we are coming out with new designs like crazy. So crazy in fact that they have been taking over our Live Steamy etsy and it's just out of control. To soothe this beast we are giving the light up bottles their very own store.

That's right in another week or so there will be no more Light Up Bottles on our Live Steamy etsy shop at all!!!! They will all be hanging out together in their own shop. But as each new design is really special to us I'm going to be announcing them all here in blog posts. So stayed tuned, check in and looky-loo at all the new bottles as I overload this blog in the next few weeks with more bottles than you may be able to keep up with!

I know you'll love them and find at least a few that are all you. xoxox

So the very first announcement ought to be the shop itself! In such a case it is my very great pleasure to present~

P.S. Ask me how you can get awesome coupons for this shop and all our sister shops. Especially with the Holidays right around the corner you could really save!
P.S.S. Thank you Miss Angie for the banner design. You're the best. 


Help Us!

We have such great news- We are growing! Our little company that started with a few steampunk pieces has now overtaken our lives. Our art space has exploded with fabrics, power tools, paint, stickers, onesies, flowers, frames, furniture projects, gun making junk, electronics, tea pieces and a million little beads, jewels, nuts and bolts and unimaginable nick-nacks. It's absolutely fantastic! 

However, we've beyond seriously outgrown our space. It's getting to be just ridiculous. So that's where you come in my lovely steamy fiends! We've started an account on Patreon.com (a lot like Kickstarter!) and we could really really use your support. Seriously $1 a month could mean little to you in the long run but could absolutely mean the world to us. 

With enough help we will get a studio space in Savannah with some room up front for a small store!

So please think about helping us out and if you can't right now that's cool but please send our link onto your contacts and spread the word. :) We'll love you for it! 


How Do You Like Me Now?

What do y'all think of the new blog design?? I may be spilling some secrets here but I am not as computer friendly as I try to appear. And the only code I actually know is Enter. Lucky for me I have a very good friend who is absolutely amazing at making this stuff. She does my blog and all my buttons designs as well as makes me little blurbs for Holidays and more. She is fantastic! And if you're ever looking for these types of services she offers them for really competitive prices. (trust me web design can run you into the hundreds!) She also hosts kick-ass giveaways, reviews products, offers ad space. Seriously, she's cool beans. So check out Miss Angie of My So-Called Chaos at http://mysocalledchaos.com/


Sing to Me of Wings

Sing to me of Wings- Steampunk Butterfly Frame 
~Sing to Me of Wings~ was created from an old junk frame that I just had lying around and a fitted clock dome. Travis found me this beautiful butterfly that had died and been blown into some chicken wire. It was so pretty but so so delicate, I carried it around in a tea pot until I found the right project for it. The sheet music... was from a song I really love but... I can't remember the song right now. I then hand dyed it with tea and put it all together.  It's one of my favorite pieces. I get to create a lot of artsy accessories and clothing items and crafts but this is actual art and I love that. 

View the listing HERE.


Musical Mondays~

Feeling very old time circusy today. I love The Band Parry's music but I love love love their style! She's adorable and I'd give anything to be on her design team. So here's my Musical Monday for y'all. Hope you enjoy it even if country isn't so much your tune. 


Alice's Half Cups in the miniature~

Do things that are tinier than normal make your voice rise a few octaves? Come on now, be honest. You can't tell me that a small puppy or a baby or the teeny tiny miniature unicorn hasn't made you squeal with girlish (of manlyish) delight and turn you into a high pitch idiot.

Well here's something to make you squeal and squeak in all manner of ungodly tones~ 

Our Alice's Half Cup now come miniature!

oh oh, and by the way the tags are not only hand singed but hand tea dyed as well. xoxo


"Can't Change Me" Chris Cornell

Lovin' on some Chris Cornell as we jump back into Musical Mondays.

I started listening to Chris (Chris' solo work, I've loved Soundgarden for awhile and like a lot of Audioslave as well) after my husband covered 'Call Me a Dog' and I really loved it. I'm love a lot of Chris' covers and his own work and I of course run into the ones I'm not partial too.
I choose this song for this week for two reasons- I'm headed to visit my family soon and the power of the phrase "you can't change me" has always been an important few words to me and I'm sure a lot of you can relate. The other point of power that I love in the this song is about the chick, "she's going to change the world" it's just a phrase that kicks my ass into gear. Just can't get enough of that on a Monday. And all the lyrics in between. I love Chris' poetry.
Here's the lyrics-

"Can't Change Me"

She can do anything at all
Have anything she pleases
The power to change what she thinks is wrong
But what could she want with me? Yeah,
Wait, just, one minute here
I can see that she's trying to read me
Suddenly I know,

She's going to change the world [x3]
But she can't change me,
No, she can't change me

She has the daylight at her command
She gives the night it's dreams, yeah
She can uncover your darkest fear,
and make you forget you feel it.
But wait, just, one minute more,
I can see that she's trying to free me
Suddenly I know


Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong,
With me, yeah.
What can I do, I'm the only thing I really have, at all.

But wait, just, one minute here,
I can see that she's trying to need me
Suddenly I know

So I know it's Monday but keep your chin up, we are rooting for you to kick ass today!


Capturing a Mermaid's Magick~

When you say New York everyone instantly thinks of the city. And that makes sense with NYC attractions, restaurants, museums, and SHOPPING! But when you venture out of the Big Apple you'll find treasures beyond belief. Wonderful little gems like Sugar Loaf.

Sugar Loaf is a darling little village with some of the most amazing shops. Our very favorite of which is Pisces Passions~

Pisces Passions is full to the brim with awesome art and artistry. Mermaids, sirens, fairies and all manner of magickal beasts can be found here. As well as tools, clothing, jewelry! It's a fantastical dream.

You'll also find our Light Up Fairy Dust bottles there!! But that's not all. When we met miss Ada she asked us if we could maybe make a mermaid bottle. Well of course we can! Not only can we but I can't believe I hadn't before. So I got to work right away coming up with a mermaid themed bottle for this fabulous shop.

And I couldn't be more in love with the results! We made a gorgeous teal green/blue bottle with a brilliant green glow and an earthy tweed to wrap it. 'Mermaid's Magick' is now my favorite bottle and surly one of our most mystical!

Thank you Pisces Passions for the support and the beautiful inspiration~*~


Steampunk Wedding~*~

My first Steampunk wedding set is complete! And here are the photos to prove it~

 I had so much fun making this but it also scared me to death. As a self taught seamstress (who is still trying to figure her way around a pattern!) I had the design I wanted planted firmly in my mind the moment I saw this old, abandoned wedding dress but hadn't the faintest idea how to get from there to here.

I really need to take before and after pictures more. But I found this old dress in a thrift store in Florida. It was crazy; lace and organza from tip top of the neck to completely over the wrists. Puffy shoulders, full skirt and a cathedral train to boot (or trip all over at least). Besides being huge and entirely covering in every way it was torn to shreds. So not only did I cut it up and redesign it but I had to actually do some restoration work as well.

The whole project was incredibly intimidating. It didn't help that space I had to work with was so small and cluttered that I couldn't even spread the whole dress out. It actually turned out that I made a few bad cuts and had to stitch them back together (not super fun). I took ruffles from the extra on the bottom of the skirt to replace damaged ones in the train. I delicately ripped the stitches out of lace only to hand sew it back in another way.

Honestly I carried this project around for months just being too scared to work on.

But I charged forward and in the end of it all I couldn't be more proud. It turned out absolutely fabulous, if I do say so myself.

The hat wasn't a great challenge like the skirt. I was able to just let the creativity flow and it came out so unique and fun.

(I'll tell you a little secret~ the buttons on the top came about because I was working on another project and flecked some paint on the finished hat! I was devastated as I couldn't replace the fabric, couldn't paint over it, couldn't hide it with more lace, so I took some buttons from the original dress and ta-da no ones the wiser and it adds a detail that now that it's there I just can't live without. I'm going to add random little buttons to everything!! Thank all that's holy for those awesome little mishaps.)

This set sold within days of being up on our etsy. ~*~


Go Team Kate takes on some Steam

We were recently featured on Shanell Mouland's blog 'Go Team Kate'! The Huffington Post (I love Huffington Post) author and popular blogger reviewed our 'Once Upon a Fantasy' light up bottles. If you'd like to check out her review it's here: 

If you don't know what our 'Once Upon a Fantasy' light up bottles are then I am entirely aghast. And will post the links as soon as I recover from the shock. 

Ok, with a few deep breaths I'm over it and it's my great excitement to introduce you to our  
Once Upon a Fantasy light up bottles: 

And then of course we have the Steampunk line, the Halloween trio, the Elements collection and any bottle we make can be personalized. Oh goodness! Just go to our etsy already~ 


Steampunk in the Dictionary

 Steampunk has gained enough popularity to have been added to the Dictionary. How crazy is that?! And still no one can agree on what we are called: steamers, steampunkers, steamians. That's why I just stick with calling y'all my steamy fiends. XOXO

Here is the article: 

steampunk (n., 1987): science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology

Meh~ it's light and covers the jist well enough I guess. I'd say a lot of Steampunk doesn't fit into 19th-century era but that's alright. You punk, I punk, everybody punk punk.


3,000 Like Giveaway!!

Live Steamy is CELEBRATING!!! 

We've reached over 3,000 likes on our facebook page. Our facebook has fun updates and posts but most importantly has tons of pictures of our art and products, past and present. 

We are giving away 3 Light Up Bottles of winners choice. That's right. 3 winners!! 

So enter enter enter. There are several ways to earn entries, the more entries you rack up the better your chances of winning! 
So here you go my steamy fiends.
I wish you luck!


The sorrowful death of a beautiful ~whom~

I read an article on dictionary.com saying that whom is dying. Noooooooooo! We cannot let wonderful words like whom die! Steampunks it is time to ban together and call upon the sacred powers of geekdom to save this word. We have revitalized words before. I never knew of fisticuffs before I joined the copper ranks. 
Hear my plea and join with me to save whom. Or all is forever lost.

I promise it's worth it just for the bit about bourbon, monocles and mustaches.


Slacker Much?

I haven't posted since before my baby was born! He's 4 months old. Wow. I'm not winning the on-the-ball award for blogging am I?

But anyway, I would like to jump back in and start posting about our Steamy project, how our business is doing, new ideas, sharing music and movies and anything else that comes along. So welcome back and stay tuned because I really really promise that I will start blogging again. ;)

And yes I expect you to hold me to that.

Live Steamy's Bloomin' Bloomers 
Model: Miss Lillian French