Drunken Pumpkin Recipe!!

This is an adapted recipe put together from a coven I used to celebrate with mixed with a recipe from a book my friend and I used to study and sprinkled with my own touches.

Drunken Pumpkin

You will need: 
a large pot, 
1 gallon- Apple Cider (for health & peace)
1 Orange (for purity)
1 Apple (for love) 
3 Cinnamon Sticks (for prosperity)
1/8 tsp. Nutmeg (for fidelity)
One or both of:
Spiced Rum
Small Pie Pumpkins (for prosperity)
(pie pumpkins are different than jack-o-lantern pumpkins, make sure you use pie pumpkins!)

Pour cider into pot. Peel orange and save peel, squeeze the orange juice into cider and throw away the pulp. Tear the peel into 1inch pieces and add to cider. Core the apple and cut it into slices and add them as well. Break the cinnamon sticks in two and add them with the nutmeg. 

Warm over low heat from 2 hours at least. Do not bring to boil!

Cut top off pumpkins and scoop out all its insides, just like you would for a jack-o-lantern. Really carve deep to get all the stringies but do not break through the shell. And give it a rinse with water. 

Spoon (or pour I guess if you can manage it) hot cider into pumpkins. The apple bits are so tasty but leave out the orange peels and cinnamon sticks. 

Mix alcohol to taste just before serving. I mix the alcohol into the pumpkins on an individual basis instead of into the pot as everyone is different. I use smell and taste test to gauge how much alcohol, no need to go over board, you can have as much cider as you like :o

This is our very favorite and an absolute staple of our Hallows traditions. 
I hope you enjoy it! 
Happy Happy Happy Halloween!!!! 

Oh and I almost forgot! If you don't drink no worries! This is still the best hot cider recipe ever! :)

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  1. I made it this year! (I make it every year-so lovely!)