Bottle Your Dreams

Our "Dream" Light Up Bottle is true magic. Meant to catch your dreams and remind you to keep chasing, keep striving and always keep dreaming.
The first was made as a very special gift to a very special lady. Miss Becky, who interned for us for a time in Florida.

Miss Becky-
You are an absolute treasure. 
I hope you never loose sight of how special you are and 
what you have to offer the world.
Keep shining brightly and keep dreaming!

So follow the link to see our new "Dream" bottle. It comes in several colors. And if you would please like, pin, share, tweet whatever it is you do, be sure to spread the good word and help us grow. 

Also don't forget that we are applying for a grant to get a studio and shop space. This would help us out so much and we would be able to bring you tons of awesome new stuff and even hire some employees! So please go to: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/45479 and vote for us. Then share share share with everyone you know. We have 109 votes but we have to reach 250 for them to even consider our application. Thanks loves.

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