I Need a Tag Line

So at our last convention we met some really great dealers.
Some that we have stayed in contact with have great company names but also have the best tag lines.

Like Miss Erin who owns Diamonds and Coal© a jewelry company that mixes hard core and gothic styles with spunky, sparkly and girly details.
her tag line is:
"When you need some grit with your glamor."
And it's perfect for her company! It's catchy and makes you laugh and it totally describes what she does in one memorable phrase.
Spiked Rhinestone Skull and Crossbones Pendant - Free US Shippng

And Mr. Justin who makes amazing candles in unique beer bottles with his company Glassphemy Design© who's tag line is:
"Beautifying your hangover since 2012" Which again makes you totally laugh and everyone likes to laugh!
Laughing Skull Ale Bottle Candle

So I've decided I seriously need a tag line.  hhmm.... yea.. I'm coming up with nothing. I'll have to open the inspiration door and hope something comes along. Any ideas?? Please share!


MM Surprisingly with Mandy Moore

I always liked Mandy Moore, I think she's adorable and her voice is great. However, I've loved this song for years and I never knew it was her's until I came to make this post. I'm actually going to check out this album now. Guess you do learn something new everyday.


Fatality Fest

Fatality Fest was quite the experience. For us it was the first time that we actually pulled things together in the way we've always been hoping to. Our booth looked awesome! At first I was a little worried that we wouldn't look as professional as others because we don't have all the black grating or tent frame set ups. If truth be completely told half our fixtures are things from our backyard, our metal plant shelves, an old piece of lattice we found and wooden stakes. But between Travis and I we get really creative and resourceful and that proved to work in our favor. It's taken some trial and error but I think we are getting so much closer to figuring out what works and, much to my dismay like my gorgeous antique trunk, what doesn't.
So here is what our booth looked like~
 We did get gorgeous labels by Travis on all those bottles, the Humours and the bone bottles, but it wasn't done yet when I took the video. I'm sad that's missing because they looked so killer.

It was Fatality Fest's first year and the show had some hiccups. The turn out wasn't what was hoped for but those that did come totally rocked it. We met so many amazing people (and some celebrities too!). Though the people we got closest to were the other vendors. There were so many incredible vendors and we made some really great friends. By the end of the event we were all trading this for that and I got some seriously great things! I'll have to show them all off in another post. 

My baby bump started lots of conversations and I just love getting to share how excited we are. Though I was really low on energy. Thank god I have such a fantastic husband. I couldn't have done this weekend (or any of this) without him. I've never been so happy in my life to crawl into a bed at a hotel. And I was out like a light every night.

Our "Once Upon a Fantasy" bottles were a huge hit! I even had to make more on the spot (I'm so glad I had brought along all the supplies). Now with our stock so low I'm guessing that's what I'll be making more of this week. Also my Dieselpunk gas masks were gone in a flash. Looks like we will be making more of those as well. Yay! I also sold those adorable yellow bloomers that I've always loved so much. It was sad to see them go but also so happy to have seen someone appreciate them so much. 

West Palm Beach was a bit far of a drive for us and coming home late last night we missed two really important turns and we ended up in the total boonies, driving through terrible fog and rain. And just hoping to god that we didn't get eaten by hill folk. But we did make it home safely having not been gnawed on by neither wildlife nor cannibals. So all in all I guess that's a win.