Getting out into the great wide world!

We were interviewed today on Steamed by Miss Maeve Alpin, who is the author of four Steampunk novels! It was so awesome! Please please please go check it out!


Besides that I have been working like a mad woman!! our dear friend at Airship Horizons is be so very gracious and giving Live Steamy a spot on his table at each of the up coming cons that he and his crew are attending! I'm preparing the first box of merchandise to be sent off to him now. So though we cannot be there in person at least we will be there in steam spirit. (ha! I honestly couldn't resist)

Then we have another event in March. We will be selling at this event http://yknotevents.com/coming-events/ It will be our first convention that we've ever sold at and I'm bursting with excitment but also totally stressed. I've been making things like crazy but even after so much time I still feel like we just don't have enough merch. But I'll keeping working on it until the very last minute! Guess that's just the way of it.

As a side note: if there is something in our etsy store that you have been eying I would really suggest digging in and getting it now! Our etsy is going to be totally barren during these events and those things you love may not come back. So get them before they are gone forever! 


MM and New Bottle

So if you are new to Live Steamy's awesome, wonderful and incredibly fascinating blog *:) every Monday... ha! ok, ok, most Monday's we join in a linksy party called Musical Mondays hosted by our dearest miss Angie of My So Called Chaos (button to her blog at bottom!).
For this weeks song I picked a new country song I heard while driving the moving truck down to Florida and country was the only station I could get. But I totally adore this song. So cute.

"Mama's Broken Heart" by Miranda Lambert
She sings another song I really love and I'll have to post that sometime. Not Steampunk at all but sharing music is one of those things that shouldn't be limited!!!

So our second order of business is my goal of completing a project every day. And today's project was more of those little bottles but this one is so great!!!

Check it out here https://www.etsy.com/listing/123383025/original-stamp-poison-bottle and if you would please please please let me know what you think of the item but also the description I wrote for it.

Awww. I love you forever Steamy Fiends!!!

Thank you Angie for the linksy!


Today's Finished Project

So today's finished project is the flower covered mini top hat I've been working on.

The idea was to be kinda Alice in Wonderlandie and somewhere down the road do a shoot with big hair and really bright make up. I don't know if I personally like it but someone who really really loves gardening might.

I just took a pic of it on my art desk so you can't see a lot of the detail but there's the jist. I'll put it up on etsy when I can get some good photos.



The New Projects

Oh blog I have missed you. Oh people who read my blog (that may or may not have given up on me) I have missed you even more.

But I'm way excited because I finished a way overdue project yesterday! And I finished another today! (the secret here is that my husband has forbade me from buying any new craft supplies, gathering any more junk and certainly from obtaining any more fabric and clothing until I finish a large % of the unfinished projects that plague my art room and that we just spent so much energy moving into our new place)  So my goal is to finish one project every day. And yesterdays was...

Our second pair of my Perfect Romance lace shoes!!
And not only did I finish them but I even got them posted for sale on etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/listing/122886380/perfect-romance-lace-strap-shoes-price?ref=v1_other_2
*cue triumphant music*

Thusly my first day of new goal= accomplished. 
And for today's goal of finishing one project I made these!

And I got them up on etsy as well! https://www.etsy.com/listing/122976641/bottled-fantasy-mermaid-tears-sands-of?ref=v1_other_1  (If you haven't gathered- finishing a project and getting it up online are not one in the same. I have lots of stuff that has yet to make its way into our etsy shop mostly just because it's way time consuming. You wouldn't think so but it is.)

Anyway I'm totally in love with these bottles. This set is fantasy based but the next one is going to be more Steampunk. :)

Much loves Steamy Fiends and thanks for reading those of you who have not given up on me. ;)