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Best News Ever!


I've been waiting for this all my life! I'm so filled with happiness. My husband and I couldn't be more excited. I could do with out the hormones, exhaustion and nauseousness in the middle of the night (that's apparently when my morning sickness has chosen to strike). But I know it will all be so incredibly worth it.

My tarot reading said we are having a GIRL!! Which is what I always thought I would have first anyway.

If so, we are going to name her Annabelle Lee, after Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee. And you may have noticed the spelling.. of course nothing is set in stone until she gets here but I prefer the longer spelling. I'm not such a fan of Ann as a nickname (I think it sounds pretty mature) so I want her nickname to be Belle but just Bel doesn't fit as well. Though I always prefer full names. I love that the name is from classic literature but more so it's very southern but still unique. My Travis picked it and I think it's the most perfect name I've ever heard.

Of course if this one actually happens to be a boy we are ready for that too. Then his name will be Grayson Francis. Francis is a family name from Travis' side. And I just so happen to find out that Grayson, Louisiana is where my own beloved Grandfather was born.

Anyway that is our biggest and most wonderful news ever!
Thanks for reading!  And I'm sure to bore you with unwanted details and on goings about this as it continues along. But making babies is the super best creative project I've ever been a part of!!


Let's Talk Dieselpunk Movies

So, I know a lot of Steampunky people who loved "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"©. God knows- I love Dieselpunk (which I always thought was just Steampunk in another era but the style actually has another, albeit made up, name so I'm down for going with that). Anyway, love Dieselpunk so a few weeks ago I begged my husband to get "Sky Captain.." for me so we could watch it.  ..... I don't know what you thought but I was terribly disappointed. I felt like they made the movie just to make the movie. It was all manner of absolutely ridiculous yet it seemed you were supposed to take it so seriously. There were some stylized things that were cool but all in all I was, sadly, not impressed.

But then, with trepidation, I got my Mr. to watch another Dieselpunk looking movie with me- "Iron Sky"©. Now this is the crazy -Nazi's living on the dark side of the moon and coming to Earth- movie. Sounds completely ridiculous right? Well it was. But they knew it was ridiculous and played with that. Which made all the ridiculousness hilarious. The costumes were good, the visuals were fun, and it actually made a bit more sense than some crazy island with bizarre creatures. Overall I really enjoyed the movie.

So if you are looking for a fun Dieselpunk movie to enjoy sometime soon it is my recommendation that you go with crazy Nazi's from space. I love Noir as much as the next Dieselpunk girl but even having Angelina couldn't really get me into "Sky Captain..". ;)

Enjoy your day Steamy Fiends!


"Once Upon a Fantasy"

Have you ever watched the show 'Once Upon a Time'? My husband and I started watching it just recently. It's pretty clever and really fun. But what I really love are the freaking costumes! In fantasy land they have done the most amazing job with all the costuming and hair styles and props. Serious, serious kudos to the crew.

So in the show there is a magic dude (not going to say names for anyone who hasn't seen it) and at one part it shows his magic bottles where he has captured all manners of magic. And it's all SGI of course and inside the magic glitters and swirls all lit up and bright. And all I could think forever was that is awesome, how can I do that?!?

I am exuberant to announce that I did it. I made a shimmering magic bottle that lights up. (It doesn't swirl but I don't have fairy tale sorcery or a mobile SGI device so we all have to work with what we have, right.)

The first one I made I called 'Fairy Dust' and it was blue. We now also make a pink 'Fairy Dust' that is adorable.

I love the fairy ones. When the light turns on and all the sparkles shine I swear I could just stare into it for hours. But my real excitement are our Steampunk ones!





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MM the start of Steampunk

I had quite the wonderful discussion with a friend of mine, who is a historian, about Steampunk. And he showed me this music video. The video was based on a silent movie from the 20's. It was the first time the Neo-Victorian style that has turned into Steampunk was explored in today's pop culture media.

I loved this song when I was young and this video just cracks me up! But hey, thanks for Steampunk, Pumpkins. Great thanks, indeed.

Tonight Tonight- Smashing Pumpkins


Kicked out of the Nest

Today my little baby business has been shipped off to Oklahoma to be presented to the public at a genuine Steampunk convention. The amazing Captain and Crew of the Airship Horizons has offered us a space at their table, and though we will not be there in person I'm there wholeheartedly in exuberant spirits! 

I'm so full of gratitude for their kindness and support. This is the type of community that I have been missing. These are the kind of people who change the world. And today they have changed mine.

Thank you very much Miss Michelle, Mr. Dan and all crew and memebers of Airship Horizons.

Please send a like their way on facebook http://www.facebook.com/airshiphorizons?ref=ts&fref=ts
and follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/AirshipHorizons