"Once Upon a Fantasy"

Have you ever watched the show 'Once Upon a Time'? My husband and I started watching it just recently. It's pretty clever and really fun. But what I really love are the freaking costumes! In fantasy land they have done the most amazing job with all the costuming and hair styles and props. Serious, serious kudos to the crew.

So in the show there is a magic dude (not going to say names for anyone who hasn't seen it) and at one part it shows his magic bottles where he has captured all manners of magic. And it's all SGI of course and inside the magic glitters and swirls all lit up and bright. And all I could think forever was that is awesome, how can I do that?!?

I am exuberant to announce that I did it. I made a shimmering magic bottle that lights up. (It doesn't swirl but I don't have fairy tale sorcery or a mobile SGI device so we all have to work with what we have, right.)

The first one I made I called 'Fairy Dust' and it was blue. We now also make a pink 'Fairy Dust' that is adorable.

I love the fairy ones. When the light turns on and all the sparkles shine I swear I could just stare into it for hours. But my real excitement are our Steampunk ones!





Please follow the links and check them out! The pics are marked so they can be posted and shared anywhere. This is a unique design that took us a lot of effort to work out and create. As always please support individuality, creativity and small business!!

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  1. LOVE these!!! I'm reading a Victorian/Steampunk YA series right now....

    And I do love Once Upon a Time.....I mean...come one! How can you go wrong with a show starring Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin ;P