Best News Ever!


I've been waiting for this all my life! I'm so filled with happiness. My husband and I couldn't be more excited. I could do with out the hormones, exhaustion and nauseousness in the middle of the night (that's apparently when my morning sickness has chosen to strike). But I know it will all be so incredibly worth it.

My tarot reading said we are having a GIRL!! Which is what I always thought I would have first anyway.

If so, we are going to name her Annabelle Lee, after Edgar Allen Poe's Annabel Lee. And you may have noticed the spelling.. of course nothing is set in stone until she gets here but I prefer the longer spelling. I'm not such a fan of Ann as a nickname (I think it sounds pretty mature) so I want her nickname to be Belle but just Bel doesn't fit as well. Though I always prefer full names. I love that the name is from classic literature but more so it's very southern but still unique. My Travis picked it and I think it's the most perfect name I've ever heard.

Of course if this one actually happens to be a boy we are ready for that too. Then his name will be Grayson Francis. Francis is a family name from Travis' side. And I just so happen to find out that Grayson, Louisiana is where my own beloved Grandfather was born.

Anyway that is our biggest and most wonderful news ever!
Thanks for reading!  And I'm sure to bore you with unwanted details and on goings about this as it continues along. But making babies is the super best creative project I've ever been a part of!!


  1. Ah! Congrats!
    I love your name choices (we had a kitten named Annabel Lee)... ;)
    Hope you have a wonderfully uneventful but exciting pregnancy!

  2. So so so congratulations! I can't can't wait to meet my little honorary niece or nephew!

  3. YAY! Great choices with name. I hope she or he is healthy, robust, curious, and fashionable. ;)
    When are you due?

  4. Congratulations! Absolutely love both those names.