Let's Talk Dieselpunk Movies

So, I know a lot of Steampunky people who loved "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"©. God knows- I love Dieselpunk (which I always thought was just Steampunk in another era but the style actually has another, albeit made up, name so I'm down for going with that). Anyway, love Dieselpunk so a few weeks ago I begged my husband to get "Sky Captain.." for me so we could watch it.  ..... I don't know what you thought but I was terribly disappointed. I felt like they made the movie just to make the movie. It was all manner of absolutely ridiculous yet it seemed you were supposed to take it so seriously. There were some stylized things that were cool but all in all I was, sadly, not impressed.

But then, with trepidation, I got my Mr. to watch another Dieselpunk looking movie with me- "Iron Sky"©. Now this is the crazy -Nazi's living on the dark side of the moon and coming to Earth- movie. Sounds completely ridiculous right? Well it was. But they knew it was ridiculous and played with that. Which made all the ridiculousness hilarious. The costumes were good, the visuals were fun, and it actually made a bit more sense than some crazy island with bizarre creatures. Overall I really enjoyed the movie.

So if you are looking for a fun Dieselpunk movie to enjoy sometime soon it is my recommendation that you go with crazy Nazi's from space. I love Noir as much as the next Dieselpunk girl but even having Angelina couldn't really get me into "Sky Captain..". ;)

Enjoy your day Steamy Fiends!


  1. OHHH Looks interesting! I'm at a Steampunk Con right now might rent one of those to watch tonight!

  2. Yay! My brother HIGHLY recommended Iron Sky as well, and it just came in at my library, so I hope to be seeing it soon. :)
    Sky Captain felt, to me, like a music video. Someone had this really cool concept for a highly-visualized movie and nobody bothered to write a decent script, develop characters, give a damn, etc.
    I have heard that Waterworld falls under the Dieselpunk genre, as do the Mad Max films, but I'm curious what other movies would do that...

  3. I've seen Mad Max, I prefer the second. I like post apocalyptic movies usually. I wasn't even thinking of Waterworld! I love the little girl. Awesome. I'm going to put that on my list.

  4. Sounds kinda awesome. I'll have to look into it. Sky Captain was a big disappointment. I expected it to be more like The Rocketeer. :(

  5. Since you mention Dieselpunk films, I thought I'd mention this short film making the Steampunk Con rounds. It's not huge-scale production, but it is quite good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psXSaBa6hLY