Our widest sale of the year has just begun. While most are out crashing and clamoring, pushing their way through crowds and standing for hours in the longest lines ever to get a few bucks off whatever Made in China POS they absolutely have to have today. I'm sure you are doing the sensible thing and staying home. I say sensible to make myself sound like I'm not cowering in a corner with my door locked and windows shut because the shoppers on this day terrify me. But alas I am myself a retailer and this notes true purpose is to let all my sensible, cowering in corners, loves know that big box stores aren't the only places for big sales. Every single item in ALL of our etsy shops is 20% off from now through Cyber Monday. And shopping with us means no standing in lines, no crazy drivers and no fear of possibly getting punched in the face or trampled to death. We also make everything hand made ourselves, can personalize just about anything and are here for you when you need us. So don't miss out on our huge, 4 day Shop Small to Change Big sale!

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