ARRGGGHHH Here Be the Pirate's Magic Gold

~You're off the edge of the world lass. Here there be monsters~ 

Do you long for the freedom of the open sea? Or fantasize about the mystery and treasure that lurk in the greatest depths? Then we have some magic for you. Our Pirate's Gold and Mermaids Magick are the perfect start to our nautical Light Up Bottles collection. We have plans for more, including Calm of the Storm and Heart of the Sea, but you'll just have to wait patiently while we capture the magick of the those as well. 

Pirate's Gold is the perfect gift for your little treasure hunter! What an awesome thing to find at the end of a treasure hunt or as a fantastic party favor.

Mermaid's Magick couldn't be more perfect either. A gorgeous teal bottle when unlit and a stunning, mysterious green when ignited. This bottle is a true treasure for anyone who seeks the deep and those that would gladly give up their legs for a fin

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