Playing Dress Up

Just for fun I'm going to do a photo montage of different Halloweens and dress ups. Our Halloween plans got canceled this year so I didn't dress up and I guess I'm a bit bummed about it. But we are going to the Zombie Walk in a week and will be dressed up for that! Anyway some fun pics. xoxox
First Year of college. I sewed beads onto my witch hat but it ended up looking kinda lampshade-ish but I kept it like that forever. I also took an old costume and sewed other random pieces into the skirt to make it thicker and put a corset over it all. It was my witch dress for years.
2004 with my bestest Angie
At the goth club when I was in college. I think I was way too excited about my blood tears make up. 2004

This is again the witch dress that I made and I think these are two different years. I think ----> is 2005
and <----- is 2006.
I'm a Pirate! AARRGGHH! This was for my 22 birthday party. That was such a great party! 
I don't know what year this was. 2007 or '08 not sure but I was dressed as a Shaman, too bad I don't have a pic of the whole costume.

This was my 24th birthday party! Hell yea I'm the princess! And my awesome Autum who always has the best costumes. 2009
Autum and I as Sailor Moons. She is Venus Moon and I'm Mini Moon. We won 3 different costume contests with this one! Her idea! I think this was ...'07
At a Masquerade birthday party for our friend. I love this pic. That was so much fun. 
 Wahoo! Dressed up for Pride in San Fransisco! There were four of us and we all had a circus theme. It was such a blast! You can't see it in the photos but I also had a matching fan and a big red diamond. I wish I had a pic of all four of us. :(

This is one of my favorite costumes ever! I'm Emily from 'The Corpse Bride'. I made the costume from an old wedding dress and it took me forever. But it was perfect. I wanted to do full body paint with the full blue and skeleton arm and leg but as you can imagine that is quite a trick to do on yourself. I did do as much blue as I could and I had the doll make up, my eyes looked gigantic but you can't tell so well in these pics. But yea, this costume was really fun.

Anyway, I hope you had a really great Halloween. I guess it's time I start gearing up for Christmas. I will be working hard to pack the shop and keep inventory rolling in. :) Remember to really try to buy local this year not corporate! Love and Light.

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  1. You look so awesome, you always have the greatest costumes!