Doing our part for happy holidays!

Okay, so I have to state this for my own sanity before I start what I'm about to do from here until Christmas; I am NOT a fan of this starting Christmas so incredibly early each year. Most big stores started it before Halloween this year! And I think that is messed up, sneaky, scuzzy and totally taking advantage. But a very hard lesson that I have had to learn in business is that regardless of your own preference or ideas about how things should work it is not always in your best interest to stubbornly stick to them. You have to know when to stick to plowing your own way and when it's ok to jump on the band wagon.  I hate that Christmas starts so early but I've seen how forcefully the corporations push. Our voices already get swallowed up. And sometimes if you don't follow suit you end up buried.

We are bred to be consumers. And consume we do. But it's not about making good products that people really want and will cherish/use forever. It's not about supporting communities, bringing people together or helping people live a better, fuller, richer life. It is all about money and who keeps the most. Honestly we all want to point fingers and say that it's their fault but we as a whole have more power than we think. We may not have a huge effect on corporate law, we may not be running numbers in Wall Street, that doesn't mean that we do not have a choice where we spend our money.

So from now until Christmas Live Steamy is dedicating this blog to spreading the word about small businesses! Each day a different business will be chosen and high lighted.  These are real people, who make their products by hand and with care. These are people just trying to live. To create a world that is based on community, humanity, health, wealth and happiness for everyone, not just a few. And I ask you to consider them with open hearts. Please help to make everyone's holidays fuller and happier and support creativity and individuality.

Please feel free to share our banner, our buttons, our blog and all the info we post!

For our first Shop Small Spotlight is Miss Angie who owns My So Called Chaos.


Angie is has great talent in several mediums and genres. She writes, she draws, she crochets, she paints, she makes jewelry, she blogs, she crafts, she scrapbooks and she paints pottery. I never know what she will make next and she always surprises me! I love her company, beside her etsy shop she has two awesome blogs that I read daily; http://www.mysocalledchaos.com    & http://www.healthnottonut.blogspot.com
But most important for the moment is her online shop on etsy 

Here is the benie she hand made me two Christmases ago! I love it!
Miss Angie's quality is top notch, I pull this baby out every winter. 

Also Angie is the person that made this blog and many of Live Steamy's banners! She does awesome work and if your looking for it she can really help you too! Her contact info is available on her links that are posted above. 

So my loves and steamy fiends I ask you to please please please check out the people that we are sharing with you, shop from them and other local/small businesses this holiday and ask all your friends and family and social connections to do the same. Spread the word and spread the love!!!

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