The Color of Gun Metal

 I'm so excited about the huge stash of bullets I just got. Picked them up from the nicest man in the world who calls himself Santa Clause (no joke!) and it fits because I lit up just like a wee one on Christmas morning.

I've always had a thing for guns and weaponry is a big part of the Steampunk culture. However, I originally started this post talking about why I like guns but suddenly it's freezing me in my tracks. Though I have always had positive experiences with guns personally, I know many people have not and as a country we have been badly hurt very recently by our own. And everyone is bursting with opinions about guns. My personal thought has always been that it's not about the weapon it's about how you use it. If someone wants to cause hurt they will always find a way. I think we need to look at people, at communities and even at our culture to repair this kind of damage and work on evolving towards a more responsible kind of world where violence is not our first choice.

But in Steampunk we march on with our painted nerf guns, transformed stage props, pieced together vintage parts and mock weaponry bursting our seams. And we can't lie that we love our (totally pretend, non-lethal, just for the awesome show of it) weapons.

Live Steamy has always been about finding uses for junk and I couldn't be more thrilled about finding all the great and plentiful things to do with these casings! At the moment I'm making belts like this:
For our next photo shoot which is going to be Dieselpunk themed!! Yay! 
Now bullet belts are not an original idea and you can get them at Hot Topic or at Abercrombie -for goodness sake (and yea I have no idea how to spell that, it's been a very long time since I shopped at those stores). But anyway ours are awesome simply because it's upcycled junk instead of newly made in a factory in China. So not original design but still cool beans. :) 

What I'm making that are original are our chokers. Combining bullets with clockwork and lace to make a piece that is very feminine but totally kick ass at the same time! The first one I ever made I made just for myself. I had one shell that a friend had given me. Until a few days ago I didn't have a supply for shells so I just made the one for me and totally loved it. But now I can make them for everyone! And I'm so thrilled about it. I'll have them up on etsy today!

We have plenty more uses of bullets in store. Our seamstress and designer, Tamara, is working with some now making bullet buttons and who knows what else she may be conjuring in her brilliantness. And I'll be working on adding bullets and bullet holders to our utility belts and other accessories and fitting them into other designs. 

If you need bullet casings for your own projects and don't know where to get them let us know and we will put some up as supply on etsy it use for your own crafting! 

As always Steamy fiends- we love you because you're awesome! Thanks for reading. xoxo