I'm Back!

A friend asked on her facebook "What is your one word for the new year?" I responded immediately "Success". Which is all well and good and true. My goal is to succeed in my business, my marriage, my new home and in everything I set my mind to. But now that I'm thinking about it more and more; I really think my word for the year should be Balance.

As my life stands right now I've just returned from an awesome holiday in NY with my in-laws and came home to a copious amount of.... well... me. I'm not saying I'm fat or anything, though I did eat a fair share of all those Holiday sweets. But I'm just a bit overwhelmed by myself. I have way too many things that I love to do, want to do and need to do. Once again my white board is covered, edge to edge, with 'To Do' lists. And a huge part of that is the move, of course. But another part of that is just me being me. I want to have a great art business, I want to be a true yogi, I want to get back to dancing, I want to read everything, I want to have a clean house, I want to host tea parties and dinners and house parties, I want to do this and I want to do that. We can slip into some real backwoods southern speak and say I'm busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. *giggle, I just had to. And within the next year or so we would really like to be getting to all that baby making and what not. So yes, my word for the year is Balance. I seek to find ways to balance my business, my home, my body and health, a growing mind, a growing family and a happy, connected, spiritual self. :D

What is your word for the year?

In other news-
I love my work both as an artist and designer and today I'm loving it as a business woman as well. I got asked to do another interview! And I'm so incredibly excited.

Also we do have some new stuff up on etsy! And we have more to come in the next little while so check all that out. www.etsy.com/shop/livesteamy
Marie Antoinette Mini Top HatSimple Steampunk Charm Necklace

Other than that we want to say that we are sorry for abandoning our blog. :( And I hope you start visiting it again because I promise I will start posting again. :) And thank you all so so so much for the great support you have given Live Steamy over the past year. I'm hoping this next year will get us on the road, into conventions and meeting you all!!! Plus lots of new trinkets, outfits, decor, photos and more! Keep at it Steamy fiends!

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  1. Love those new things, those are awesome! :)

    And you're right, Balance is so so so important! :)