Where is the Wonder?

I would like to know if other people are getting totally sick of being a cookie cutter copy of their neighbors? Oh, it cringes me when I go to my neighbors house and oh I have that exact lamp, it's from Target, oh and I have that exact rug, its from Pier 1, and yes yes those are my exact dishes, from Walmart and so on and so forth. (this is not a specific example of my own home, but the point is ture)

What I want to know now is when will we get absolutely sick of being cookie cutters and start really being unique. You don't have to be artistic to be creative. Human beings are born with a spark to create. We choose to make our space, to form our style, generally from what we find around us that is easily accessible. I just wonder when we are going to stop being a Walmart world and start getting back to art. If you have to own something, have to identify with something shouldn't it be something unique?

The greatest thing about finding a person to get things from instead of a machine/corporation is that you can actually get what you want! I may like that arm chair at Target but it only comes in black and brown because those are the most commonly purchased colors or whatever, but I want it in pink! Buying from an actual artist/creator/furniture maker means I can get the damn thing in any color of pink I can think of. I tired of settling and I'm tired of living in Walmart world and all the things that that bleeds into. I'm afraid of what our culture is turning into.

Anyway, there is my rant for the day.

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  1. You do have a very valid point. Buy handmade whenever possible.