Lastest Obsession~

So a few weeks ago I made the Tea skirt and on it I used a doily, or actually half a doily. And because I'm me and I totally hate wasting anything I kept the other half of doily and started working my brain to think of some way to use it. I had just bought this ribbon so easy peasy I glued the ribbon to the doily. Searched through my bucket of little charms and scraps and found this sweet little rose. Then added snaps and voila! A cuff accessory.
I always called these things wristlets but apparently "wristlet" already exists and is a clutch/purse that has a little wrist tie.  :p

I totally fell in love with this little wrist cuff! And naturally I want to be able to share that love.  I gathered up all the spare lace that I had laying around (and ok ok, I also went to the craft store and bought more). I hauled out some ribbon and went through my jar of buttons and I made several new cuffs! I haven't made any more using the doilies but as soon as I find a good source for them I will. Here are the ones I have made now. I'm in the process of putting them up for sale on Etsy.

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  1. These are adorable! Perfect for a Steampunk or Victoriana costume. :D