My Wedding

 Ok, so I promised wedding pictures. And in true Melanie Grace fashion I am just now getting to it. But in all fairness its a lot of time consuming work, there were over 800 photos. 
Here we go-
My father and step father walking me down the isle. We set the chairs in a spiral for a little flare. My big sister, Brittney, made the beach so beautiful!
 Our dear friend Ben wrote and officiated our ceremony. And he was awesome! If you're looking for someone in Georgia to officiate I would love to hook you up with Ben or his girlfriend Jen, as they both are wonderful officiants!
 We wrote our own vows and of course I bawled through mine. I'm amazed anyone understood a word. It was a perfect ceremony. And I'll never forget that kiss! Wahoo!
 My bridesmaids were my sisters, my eldest sister from my mother and my two younger sisters from my dad and my new sister in law! Most unfortunately I'm missing my sweet sister Sara, she was unable to make it and she was dearly missed. 
Travis' groomsmen were all very dear friends of his. It meant a lot to him to have them all there. His brother and Mike and Kenneth are from NY so it was really great that they made it down.

 We didn't have a lot of time for pictures on the beach but we got a few really great ones. And I'm happy.
 "Now announcing Mr. Travis and Mrs. Melanie Grace Phillips!" (yea I made them say all that as opposed to the tradition Mr. and Mrs. Travis Phillips. Hey, I'm already giving up my name, I am a person too ya know.) I love being a Phillips, I'm proud to take on his family name.
This was our first dance to our wedding song- Dreaming Light by Anathema.
It was perfect.
 Our reception was at the Olde Pink House in the ballroom and it was gorgeous! You can't really see it in the photos but the walls are lined with sink murals of the natural swamps and with the dimmed lights of the ballroom they glow in pinks and golds. It was stunning! We had our own 'sweethearts' table. (I have given up on trying to get the photos to align nicely so it's a bit jumbled from here on out.)  My daddy-daughter dance was to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle.
 My friend Nen and I. She got married the week before! Wahoo!

 So, as I said, jumbled. But all the following pictures are just us having fun at the reception. We did the garter and we were both so shy. It was amusing. Sarah got us doing some crazy dance but oh man it was so fun!

 This is my new sister, Courtney!!  And me with my little sisters and brother. It was such a blessing to have them there. Kelsey and Devon were so helpful and it was great to have some time to get to know the adults they have become. You two were the best! Thank you!

 Laughing with our bestest Jaime.
 Dude, Kenrick freaking dove for that garter like it was a Benjamin. lol

Travis and I with his parents! They are the most incredible people!

Me, my ma and my sister.

Our wedding was beautiful and the out pouring of complete love and support has been amazing. I feel so blessed to have been so surrounded by so many people that I love. And still so supported by all those who couldn't make it. 

"You shine inside and love stills my mind like the sunrise. Dreaming light of the sunrise."
I love you Travis Phillips, now and the rest of my life!!!


  1. Aw, gorgeous! I love love love the pic of your first kiss...what a perfect shot! Congrats again, Mrs. Phillips. :)

  2. So beautiful! So sad that I couldn't make it out there! I love those photos, I especially love the one of you sitting on that log, you are so beautiful!