Kick Ass New Men's T-shirts

Oh man! The first one of these shirts that I stamped I messed up on a bit so I did what I could to fix it and gave it to Travis and Oh My Word! the boy could make me drool. (drool like a complete lady that is, of course) But ah, he looked great! I'm seriously so thrilled about this design he made for these t-shirts.

That's right, you heard me, he made this design! It is completely original! He drew it, edited it and cut out the stencils for it all. And I hand stamped each shirt individually! This is "Divebomb" from our men's steampunk line 'Gear Up'.


We currently have them on white and sand (color in pictures) t-shirts but, as always, we can make any color and any size you like! That's the beauty of dealing directly with the artist. :D I would also love to make some chick shirts with 'Gear Up'! So let me know if you are interested! Shirts are available on our etsy;  https://www.etsy.com/listing/109312092/gear-up-unique-mens-steampunk-shirt-tan