Pinning Without Pins

So quite admittedly I am not a very good pinner. (don't you love, or love to hate, all these crazy words that are coming out of our era: pinner, tweeter, steamer, etc.) Anyway I know some people who get on pinterest.com everyday and just pin away. Respectfully, I do think its very clever. Even the name they came up with you have to give a bit of kudos to. Clever and fun. But it's also a good way to share ideas. I have gotten really really great ideas from pinterst. I am also aware that pinterst is a time sucking trap and one click leads to another, leads to another, leads to reading blogs and looking up this and that and then going to my kitchen, art room, shed seeing if I have this or that in which to make this or that. Gah! Suffice it to say that before I know it 4 hours have gone by and I was completely thrown off track from what I was doing.
My point being: that I don't pin much but if you are on pinterst if you don't mind please check out my boards.


As always I hope you have a most beautiful of days!

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