The Junk is Consuming Me!

In order to prepare for the up coming Atlanta Mini Maker Faire I've been making more signs and sorting junk. I've been clipping (and doing that back and forth, back and forth thing with the pliers)  to get the back off of all the junk earrings and prying (with great amounts of frustrating difficulty) old linked watch bands apart. Such a pain! Oh and literally a pain indeed as I have many blisters. :(

This is the one I'm working on at the moment and I really forgot how time consuming they are. It's not done yet but it's pretty close. I'm going to make some more Happy Halloween signs but out of plain wire, not junk.

My favorite junk sign is still my "Steampunk" one:

And then of course there is "Burlesque" that is super snazzy:

And... just for fun I'll post this photo Travis took the other night when we were goofing off. No make up and thrown back hair, in my pajamas but oh well, I'm sure you'll love me regardless!
My curly fry mustache!


  1. First thing, you are adorable. I miss your face.

    Second, I love your junk signs. The Halloween one is my fave, though I like the Burlesque one because it's easier to read. The others are hard to see.

  2. I hadn't finished the Halloween one yet when I took the picture. When they are mostly done and go in with a zillion little beads and fill in holes and then go in with metallic puffy paint and fill it in even more. Because you are totally right, without doing that it can be touch to read. :)
    I'm going to be working on junk signs more today. And probably for the next two weeks. aww.