Steampunk Tea is Finally Happening!

I've been dying for a Steampunk event near Savannah but having not found any I decided to start my own. So here it is ladies and gentlemen! Our Steampunk Tea Time event!

Date: Saturday, October 13th, 2012
Time: 11:00AM
Location: The Tea Room, 7 East Broughton St.
Ticketing and Important information: Tickets are $25 each. There are a limited number available so buy early to reserve your spot! You may purchase tickets here https://www.etsy.com/listing/109837360/live-steamys-tea-time-event-tickets using paypal or credit card. We will mail your ticket to you. Tickets are refundable only up to six days before event! Your ticket pays for your bill at The Tea Room as well as all gratuity, so there is no hassle during the event. However, Live Steamy will have small items up for sell and a made to order portfolio so don't entirely abandon that pocket book. You may just fall in love. It is important that you purchase your ticket as soon as possible so that we may reserve enough space at The Tea Room. If your ticket is purchased too close to the event and we are unable to accommodate you the price of you ticket will be refunded.
Dress: Now this is the best part! Please feel entirely free to wear your steampunk getup! We want to give Savannah's steampunks a place to flaunt their stuff, so don't be shy, just be you! However, steampunk attire is not required! No one wants you to miss out just because you don't dress completely spastic like some of us. Please come join with new and hopeful friends.
We hope to repeat this event bi-monthly if not monthly! So please show you support for a Savannah event and come join us for a lovely mid-morning tea!


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