Dark Alice Shoot

I'm not entirely sure how this shoot got pinned Dark Alice. There are several versions of Alice in Wonderland this and that. At first it was always just the tea dress which isn't very Alice in Wonderland at all. It's actually more Lolita. And the set for the shoot is a little gothy being a cemetery and all but really its Bonaventure, and during the day, not too dark. But then we added in the tea cups and more so the half tea cups and tea set stack which are very Alice and it just kinda stuck. Anyway Tea Dress or Dark Alice whatever its nickname it is the next shoot we are doing so I'm posting some pictures for ya'll to kind of piece together. We are seriously pumped and I hope you are too!
Bonaventure Cemetery
our location

 Live Steamy's Tea Dress
our outfit
our make up example

Live Steamy's Alice's Tea Time Stack
(this was made by special order and is not for sale) 

Alice's Half Cup
(available when in stock on our etsy store) 
our props

And most importantly: 
our model!
The beautiful and completely sweet and adorable miss Xan!

We would like to give our deepest gratitude to our photographer- Darryl Reynolds. To our make up artist Jessica. To our model and her mother. And to everyone who has supported us on this journey so far. Thank you thank you!!


  1. Amazing. And she's so little and pretty. I can't wait to see how this turns out!

  2. https://twitter.com/LiveSteamy/status/250283513599901696/photo/1

    Follow this link to see the little hat that I just finished for this shoot!