Quick Little Poem

This is just a quick little poem I wrote up this morning. I so wish that poetry would hit me more often, sometimes it just flows all free and fabulous and then other times its a year of nothing better than a stick in a bucket of mud. Anyway, *takes a bow* here is this silly mornings poem which is not yet titled...

I’d show what it’s like
but it’s different for each
true perseverance
is not something you teach

Is something that’s gained
through darkness and fire
and still keeps a light
with hope and desire

This pain that is hidden
remains all through life
it waxes and wanes
and adds to our strife

And yet always conquered
by moments pressed forward
till healing compassion
forever lean toward

We are what the world
has made us you see
yet held in our souls
is who we will be

Away to the endless
it reaches so deep
watch it fall ‘way
those hills not so steep

Forever fly onward
surrounded by love
until no below
there is only above

True grace and true passion
true love and desire
held sweet in my soul
always to inspire

By Melanie Grace Phillips

It's a little different from my normal rhythm. And it's a bit Dr. Seuss-y but all in all I do not think ill of it myself.  I hope you may favor it as well.

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As always I hope you have such a wonderful day! xoxo

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