A Place To Sell

I had such a great day yesterday. I met a new friend for coffee and we just sat and chatted for 2 hours on a beautiful, warm Savannah day. I then went to the Tea Room to ask about holding events, it was just before closing so they were slow enough that I got to look around and they spent quite a bit of time talking with me. I am very excited about planning a Steampunk tea time with them! By this time next month I promise you locals we will have a steampunk event in Savannah!!
While talking with my friend she told me that tonight was Fashion's Night Out down town. So I ran home to get Travis and we dressed up and headed down to check it out. Turned out to not really be our thing but I had fun pulling out some of my steamy gear. And after walking around a crowded down town with a ton of rail thin, wanna-be models we went a few blocks off the main strip and relaxed at a local English Pub. And that was wonderful.

So all that catching up but now I have news!!!! I've been trying to get into finding a place to sell Live Steamy. Of course I have online my etsy and website and all but I really want to sell in person too. Conventions and whatnot. I've found getting into such much more difficult than I had anticipated but today I got an email that I was accepted to sell at Atlanta Mini Maker Faire. I'm not doing all of Live Steamy just my Junk signs but I'm sure its going to be great fun! I also get to do a demo and have the patrons make signs with me. So if you are in Georgia check out the faire and come see me!!!!