So as some of you know we hand stamp our t-shirts. We do this for a few reasons: first off I've never been taught how to do screen printing but when we learned about it it really just seemed like an awful waste of paint. And since wasting is pretty much sacrilegious in my mind, the way I do it just makes more sense. Plus then all I needed to buy was the permanent fabric paint. Also doing things by hand allows you a bit more freedom. Especially on things like my "Gear Me!" shirts ---->
Where the splotchy, fading thing is important. Though the doing every shirt by hand does make it a much slower process. But gives us a much more personal product. Even though we used the same stencils or stamps and same design every single shirt comes out a little different. Personally I think that makes it far more valuable!
But anyway what I'm really excited about is our new design for guy's shirts (and girls shirts too if they would like, of course!) My Mr. designed it all on his computer and then cut it out into a stencil. Picking out the right paints was a challenge and took us three trips to the art store and we still ended up mixing our own in the end. We are still going to darken up the skull a bit but here is the first test run. (though I do not have the back yet)

So I will be working on kicking out some men's shirts today and then we can get them up for sale hopefully before our honeymoon. Our men's shirts are called "Gear Up" and that is printed on the back.
I also worked on a new girl's shirt. I made this design for one of my own shirts and I love it so finally got around to making it to sell. We call it "Growing Gears". The swirls are a stamp we bought from the craft store but all of the gears are from found objects which is my favorite way to work.

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