The Tea Skirt

So a few years ago I bought an English vintage tea set off line. It is gorgeous!! But one of the cups came broken. This isn't the type of thing that is easily replaced. And I was a little heart broken. I couldn't bare to just throw it away so I came up with the idea to put the two tea cup halves onto a skirt. I found a dress at the thrift store that was very lolita with a soft, double pattern and lace trim. Though as a full dress it was totally wretched. So I got it chopped it up of course, sewed in zippers and all that but how was I going to get the tea cups on. I can't believe this project took me several years to finally finish. *shy face* But there was a lot involved. I had to find something that would cut the tea cups. Had to find a way to attach the tea cups and a way for the skirt to stay more or less poofy and full.  All in all this whole thing was a giant pain in my round rump! And I seriously do not know if I will ever EVER make a tea skirt again. This may very well be the one and only. But below is the photos of the different layers. (sorry they are sideways) :)

So it's all put together and finished. I'm so happy! It looks kinda funny here but I really think it will work so well for the Alice photo shoot in the cemetery. Wahoo! 


  1. That's fantastic! Very creative. I love mixed media costumes. I'll be curious to see how it wears (and then hear how you keep the cups on it). Are you going to make matching accessories? Tea spoon necklace? Doilie hat? :)

    1. I thought about making a hat. I've never made a hat before so it would definitely be a fun experience. The accessories for the shoot are going to be the Alice in wonderland "Half Cup"s that I make and I'm making a stacked tea set center piece for a client in California.
      We do not have the supplies yet to be able to make our own metal jewelry but now that you mention it I could totally mold a tiny tea cup necklace from clay or something!
      How the tea cups stay on was something that went through a million phases. I wanted to cut little holes all along the sides of the cups and sew them on. But cutting into china is hard enough and I couldn't get the needed precision. So then I though of adding snaps like I do with my clock skirts. But they couldn't hold the weight. Finally I resorted back to my favorite and most useful devise; craft goop glue. :D Honest to Goddess. Those babies are glued on! But the backing I had to make them so that their weight would be supported was crazy. :)

    2. Oh also miss Beth, I love that you love mixed media on costumes because I love it too! (that's a crazy sentence) The only thing is sometimes the things I add to clothing make it hard to sit down and the like. lol. I'm figuring out what work and what doesn't though. :D

  2. That is so fantastic, and you look so cute at your sewing machine with your little pigtails and tattoo!