I have always loved the rain. I think it to be the most inspiring type of weather. Sometimes the clouds are so heavy it as if they are suffocating, rain pours so heavy as if the sky itself was sobbing. Other times clouds are light and sun shines just a little ways off and small drops dance and jump over everything in sweet little mists. Rain can make or break the earth. Grow your garden in great health and beauty or drowned it mercilessly. Shine rainbows or keep you cast in gloom.
During this time of year in Savannah it rains nearly everyday. And not the sprinkle your windshield kind of rain but the you are out for two seconds and your soaked kind of rain. Sometimes its gorgeous and sometimes... like this morning, it depressing as hell.   Adding that to the fact that I'm not really sleeping due to wedding jitters. blah.
However, when asked last night what we will do if it rains on our wedding ceremony Travis looked at me so sweetly and said, "I will hold an umbrella over your head." Sweetest man ever! I love it. But still I seriously hope and pray that it does not rain on wedding day, or at least not while we are on the beach.

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  1. Sending good energy and luck your way so that it doesn't rain! I'm sad I wont be there, but will plan a trip to come visit you some day! :)

    Love and light, my darling!