Crazy Beautiful Life

Life in general is such an odd thing. We are always up and down, up and down. And we think that we know what will make us happy -oh if I only had this or fulfilled this goal I would be satisfied. But we are human and satisfaction even when gained is very fleeting and that's ok because it keeps us motivated. Sometimes even though I have such an amazing life I'm a bit down. And then suddenly the next day for no explainable reason I am jumping off the walls with excitement. Sometimes when I'm going through a really tough time and I reach the breaking point I go nutty and end up talking to a wall and crying in a ball in my bed and then sometimes I reach that breaking point and it's as if the sky opens and I feel free and light and released. These are feelings I seem to be unable to control or even count on. Sigh, life is such a very odd thing. And I'm rambling terribly.
I had meetings for the wedding today which is now... 11 days away!! Everything is coming together and its good, mostly. I hate that I'm such an awful procrastinator but I don't feel guilty about it for me I feel terrible for my sister, who is the biggest planner, executor, on-the-ball, type A personality I have ever known. She has done SO much for me for this wedding and I know my procrastinating drives her absolutely insane. :( But there are only a few more loose ends to wrap up.
However, for the first time in what feels like forever I am actually sitting at my desk alone in my art room. And aahhh... it feels so good.

Making more of those lace shoes. :)

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