One Week before the Wedding!

Sometimes its still surreal to me. I will be a married woman in a week. This has been a long time coming. Everyone who knows me has always seen that what I want most out of life is to raise a family. I can't wait to have kids. But the years kept passing and I kept bobbing around, dating this guy and that and never feeling like I was getting any closer to the life I wanted.
You know whats funny though, when I first met Travis I was terrified of him. I insisted that I did not want to date him, I wanted only to be friends. He was so... real. And I had been living lies and fantasies for so long. But now here I am, the path, our path together has not always been easy but we have survived as a couple with flying colors. This is the real deal and I'm so glad he waited for me and that I waited for him. Aaww mushy mushy.

So that's my personal life but let's get back to the Steampunk eh? I'm really looking into this Steampunk Cruise. I absolutely love cruises and this morning I was dreaming of how wonderful it would be wearing my rag layered southern belle skirt while we go for a stroll around the deck, a lace parasol and delicate gloves, guided by the strong hand of my sweet sweet husband, who would of course be in his linen pants and vest. Oh dreaming of it puts me into such a flutter. And the evening dining, what wonderful gowns I would have occasion to wear! And that's just the personal side of it. From the business stance I imagine it would be a great boom to my work. Meeting all these wonderful people with interests akin to mine. Oh how lovely it would be. So now I have to do the nasty part, the money part. We have some time so hopefully we will figure it out. My only great fear is that the vendor spots will fill up before I'm able to through in my two cents.

This shot was from my bridal shoot. I had a little fun at the end and added some of my steamy gear. The hat, I most unfortunately did not make, the accent feather however I did. Picked up a few feather decorations at Michael's and I leafed it with gold. Added an antique charm and made it attachable. It's really rather lovely.

I'm so excited for my wedding!!! And what do ya'll think of my dress?!? I know you can't see its entirety here. I'll post lots of wedding pics, I promise. :)

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