Where are the punks?

We will be in Orlando all week next week for our honeymoon that my dad is sending us on. I'm so excited. We will be staying at his company's time share condo and he is sending us to Disney World and all sorts of cool places. And heaven knows we really need to get away.
I really wanted to check out the Steampunk scene there. For whatever reason I was totally self convinced that there had to be a shop or a group or something there but my research has pulled up nada. Apparently there was a group but the last posting I can find was from 2 years ago. :(

Well anyway if anyone knows of anything around there please let me know.


  1. Oh my goodness--McKay and I went to Orlando for our honeymoon too! Disney was, of course, a blast--but don't forget to hit up Universal Studios! We liked Universal *almost* better than Disney World. (Ssshh!! Don't tell Walt!)

  2. That's amazing! I'm so glad your dad is sending you, that is so sweet of him. I'm glad your dad is still standing by you and your marriage, even if the rest of your family wont. You deserve it!