What Hell, What Life

So I'm totally convinced that weddings are absolute hell for everyone involved. But I want to start making gear for Steampunk weddings so I hope no future bride reads that statement. The ceremony was beautiful and my reception was too and the food was to die for. My love and I are waiting to take our honeymoon but wow, would I do anything to escape this after math, and I really really wish we hadn't opted to wait. But not to dwell, let's just leave all this at- I will post lots of pictures as soon as I get them- and not go on about it further.

It feels so so so great to be back in my art room (my mother and step-father were staying in it while they were here, not that I would have had time to work even if they weren't). My mother used to say that when I was little girl and would come back from visiting my dad I would go running around my room, hugging all my things and saying "ooohhh ooohhh ooohh my bed, my clothes, my toys, mine mine mine, oooohhhh." That is totally how I feel. Ooohhhh my space, ooohh my projects, ooohhh my supplies and junk and gadgets, ooohhh mine mine mine.

Today I'm back to working on my tea skirt for our Dark Alice shoot. And my husband (oh I love that, bwahhaha!) my husband is working on cutting the new stencil of his totally awesome design for men's t-shirts. Ta Da -->
Don't ask me why he's working on the floor when he has a perfectly adequate drafting table. But I can't really say much as I'm just about to join him and lay out the shirt to my tea outfit for pinning. Hey, we are artists, being resourceful comes with the territory and the floor is just as good a place as any I always say. ;)

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  1. I'm so happy for you on your wedding. I love you girl! Message me when you get a chance, we need to catch up!