Play by Play Photo Shoot

I took pictures all along the way of my photo shoot for my bridals. I may regret showing some of these to everyone but oh well. Here is what I went through that day.
 Walking up at 6AM!!! I didn't sleep at all the night before I was so anxious. So this is me- no make up, puffy eyed, and very very moody. (that pink thing in the background is my yoga mat, btw, it was washed and had to dry)

I stumbled over and started the bath... but I had forgotten to plug the drain so after a few minutes this was all the water I had. :(
The night before I had set out what I would need in the morning. Awake tea, thermos, agave, pot, cereal and bowl.  I know myself well enough to believe that at 6AM this would be too great a feat. So yay for preparation.

I curled and sprayed, curled and sprayed and I eventually liked my hair. It was stiff as a board because the humidity is really high right now and I knew my hair would fall and then frizz as soon as we got out there. (still no make up)
 So of course I was running late and my photographer and miss Jaime (my assistant and life saver for the day) arrived early. So I had to finish my make at the sight. We drove an hour out of Savannah to a spot in South Carolina.  (I totally had to change into my dress in this grove)
 During shooting. I was still so nervous. It's odd, I don't think I have felt nervous at a photo shoot in years.

But I did have a great time- nerves, exhaustion, soreness and all. I can't wait to get the real pictures. I think they are going to be really great!

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  1. You're so beautiful! You're going to be an amazing bride!