I Am So Blessed

A few days ago I was dealing with the little green monster that didn't seem so little. I'm not generally the type of person to feel a lot of jealousy but I was just overcome with it that day. It is not a good feeling. I cannot have peace in my heart in that kind of turmoil. My jealousy was mostly focused on another steampunk designer. I was viewing her photos and she is SO gorgeous! And young and seems to be so successful. I know the kind of time it takes to get there, I fully understand it all. That day it just all seemed so... crushing. I was really upset and couldn't shake the feeling. Even the great encouragement from my wonderful fiance wasn't penetrating my heart.
But a good nights sleep, morning yoga, a day of just relaxing and my international sale have turned my attitude right around and I'm back on my own fast track and loving it. I really do love my work. And I do feel that it is really unique. I wish I had more of it posted. :*) apparently I should work on that today. There is just always so much to do. So many fun things to tinker with, so many projects.
Oh, and there is the wedding and we have a ton to do for that today. Oh spite.

We need the downs. We need the low moments. Because with out them you wouldn't notice the highs!! I wish everyone in the world to be as blessed as I am.

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