So... I didn't comment more on my last post or put up a picture. There was really nothing to say. Seems to be that the Flea Market may not be the place for us. And it was so hot, all day. I'm beat.

I really want to get into selling at Conventions! I think Live Steamy would do really well at a convention. My stuff is different and unique and something that can be worn way after the convention is over. We also have the home decor and as the photo shoots continue we will get those printed up on canvas to have that art to sell. I think we could bring something really awesome. But everything is full! Cons way out in Feb. are full. And anything further then that they aren't taking submissions yet. Is there some big secret to this process that I am totally missing? I'm a bit lost on where to start it get on the con track.

But all hope may not be lost. I have a friend that does cons with her art so I'm going to go poke her for some info. She doesn't do steampunk but she's the only person I know on the track so I'll see how she got there.

I'm also wondering if we travel by train can we travel with our two large, vintage, steamer trunks?
I told Travis that they don't charge me for my several bags of luggage when I travel by train he said that he didn't think steamer trunks counted as luggage in this century. Oh what a pity. But we will have to find out for sure.

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