July Goals

(Hope I did that button thing right)

Participating in My So Called Chaos Monthly Goals!

Goals for July

Plan wedding entirely-
Sign up for at least 3 conventions to sell at-
Double product for L.S.-
Complete 3 photo shoots-
Do yoga at least 4 times a week-
Be intentionally and aggressively active 2x a week-
Be noticed by social networking my little heart out- :D
Do 2 give-aways-
Complete current To Do List.-


  1. Those are awesome goals, and you can TOTALLY do it! :)

  2. Hi! I found you through the blog hop on http://www.fightingpcosnaturally.com/! I hope all your goals are successful this month. I need to try out yoga soon- I haven't tried it since high school! Best wishes, http://secsvspcos.blogspot.com/

    1. Oh great. Thanks for reading. :) Yoga is really fantastic and not just for your body on a physical level, it helps alleviate stress and anger. Helps you be more aware of yourself. Brings patients. And it's depth just goes and goes, so you can use it just to stretch in the morning and get yourself ready for the day or build an entire life around it. So yea yoga is amazing.
      I'll come read your blog!