Bouncing Off the Walls (no they are not padded)

I just got my first international sale!!!! I'm sending my black 'A Stitch in Time' skirt to France!! I could not be more excited! The stitch in time skirts have been getting a lot of attention and this one sold super quick but if you are absolutely distraught let me be of some comfort; I will be making more! Each one is completely unique even within the theme but there will be many to come in all shapes, colors and sizes. And of course you can enter to win one made special just for you! Check out this post http://livesteamy.blogspot.com/2012/07/greatest-give-away-ever.html to get the info!

Other than that I've just been working away as usual. The wedding is coming up so fast and there is so much to do for that. Planning a wedding is like a full time job (actually that is what my mother does for a living so it truly is a full time job) and so is my art and so is craft and so is keeping up with online stuff. And then there is all the life; errands and self care and relationship and house and making meals and gardening and friendships. I could do very well with like 9 more hours to my day. :D But anyway that whole big thing was just leading me up to say that yesterday we decided we needed a day off and so my Mr. and I curled up on the couch watched Batman and Spiderman cartoons and played LittleBigPlanet! I don't know if you have ever played LittleBigPlanet but it is so much fun. And you run around as a little poppet!! My little poppet started out as a bunny and has gone to a santa muerte bride and a little goth girl and even a poppet zombie for a minute, but the greatest thing ever... I made a little steampunk poppet!!! I love her. I think she is the greatest. :)

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