'Dream a Little Dream of Me' or maybe not

So our wedding is... 30 some odd days away and we are working hard to get the rest of the plans in order. My mom and my sister have been amazing! And though all this planning and everything has been hard and stressful it will all work out in the end. My dress is supposed to arrive today! But last night I had the most awful dreams. In the first everything was so awful, my dress was nothing like what I wanted. The top was essentially a long, glorified tank top. and the skirt was this tight, poof ball, that didn't fit around my waist and looked pretty much exactly like a cupcake (I believe I have miss Nen to thank for that, all that talk of cupcake dresses) and the skirt thing was supposed to tuck into it. And we hadn't rehearsed or even given the officiant a program. So no one knew what to do and I had to coral guests around but really had no idea what to do. In the second dream I was in a hotel room with my sister getting ready for the wedding. I had my dress on but needed to do my hair and so I called down to the front to order up a flat iron but they didn't have any. Though they brought me a curling iron. And while I was waiting I checked the time, the ceremony began at 7:20 and it was 9:00. And we were all kinds of panicked. Awful, just awful all the way around. I know it's not going to happen like that but geez the stress is hard to deal with sometimes.


  1. Oh my goodness...I remember having wedding nightmares!! But you have to have them. Remember in theater? You HAVE to have your show nightmare before opening night. Then you know everything will be okay. Not everything will go as planned, but you just have to take everything in stride. If it won't matter in five years, it doesn't matter now! I'm sure your wedding day is going to be a beautiful, smooth, amazing experience for everyone involved. :-)

  2. Pre wedding jitters, all will be well. :) Love you!