Excuse Me Wedding But My Time and Energy is Not An All You Can Eat Buffet

I made my to do list for the wedding, its all nice and compact now in its own notebook.. and its three pages long, front and back! (I cleaned my whiteboard completely because it was just way too crazy at this point) I put all my steampunk to dos in a separate notebook and will make another for photo shoots. Then I'm using the whitboard for day to day to dos. I know I'm a little crazy with the to do lists but I swear if it doesn't make it on there chances are it does not get done. Wedding plans are coming along, it's just so much work!

The only thing I got done on my Steamy work today was to stamp t-shirts. It's funny but my arm and fingers are so sore! It actually takes quite a bit of work for each shirt. But I also did my yoga and push ups today so that is adding to the soreness a great deal. I'm excited about the t-shirts except it's really hard for me to produce recreations. Most of my work is 100% original and I don't like repeating the exact same concept. But I think Travis is right in that it can really help to boost merchandise. And it also allows me to lower prices. When something is entirely one of a kind and will never be made just like that again it bumps up its price. So I do like being able to offer things that are a bit more generally affordable. Also it sucks when you really love something and its not your size. So at least this way I can have a complete size range too. (this is the back of the shirt, btw) :D