Steampunk Philosophy

So I've been thinking a lot about Live Steamy as a business and what my future goals are. For one thing I totally idealize miss Kato at Clockwork Couture. She is really well known online and has a shop in Cali. (close to where I moved away from, oh sadness) I really hope that in a few years my work gets noticed like that and we can really make something with this company. But as I think about how to handle things on a larger scale I become a bit afraid that my philosophies will slip through the cracks. My foremost Steampunk philosophy is that it's about making something desirable from absolute junk. That is why I fell in love with Steampunk in the first place. Of course, I have always loved Victorian, Antebellum, Colonial, 1940's, old west, etc. All these eras full of history and tall tales and adventures and amazing fashions! But Steampunk adds something very special. For me it was a feeling of the need to be resourceful, use what you have and get creative.
Most of what I make is the result of a clothing item picked up from the thrift store, a gear we pulled out of a car at the local pick 'n pull, a rusted piece of metal I found on the street and an old piece of hardware I dug out of my tool box. When you can take all this crap and make something amazing from it that's a creative success.
My biggest goal in continuing Live Steamy is to never loose my reduce, recycle, reuse and repurpose attitude. I will make stuff from new things, like we are ordering in a box of t-shirts, for people who want them but the greatest pieces of my work are always the ones that are born of ingenuity.

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