Just Like The End of a Good Book

Do you ever get to the end of a book that has just been awesome and suddenly you are bombarded by this terrible dread about your being nearly to the end. Its almost over! That wonderful, beautiful, touching, fulfilling thing is going to be finished very soon. In a way it feels like a loss. I often will put a favorite book down for awhile when I get too close to the end just to drag it out a little longer.

I feel that same feeling now as I'm about to finish my ruffle skirt. It has been almost a two month long project. And a super pain in my bum. But I've also learned so much. Being self taught I'm constantly learning. Sewing can be very technical and takes a lot of planning. And pinning, my God, the pinning! So as I proceed to finish the very last ruffle I take a moment to pause and just feel that tiny bit of sadness that it is almost over. However, at the same time I cannot wait until it is done! What an accomplishment!! And such hard work and dedication. Wahoo! Here is the last 'in process' picture that will ever be taken of my first ruffle patch southern belle skirt.


  1. It's DONE! Now I have to fit it with a photo shoot and give everyone the full effect. :D

  2. But, you will have a bridal photo shoot before this one-right?

    1. Met with my photographer yesterday. My bridal shoot is planned.

  3. Oh, it's so pretty! I can't wait to see the bridal shoot too.